Kamm Read All About It – Anat Gonna Tell You Again!

Israel’s daily Yedioth Ahronot had published today an article that discusses what cannot be discussed in Israel. In a brilliant act of respectful defiance, the newspaper translated to Hebrew The Daily Beast‘s article by Judith Miller, but redacted any details that might get the newspaper in trouble. What readers got, in fact, was a piece of art, a visual representation of Israeli democracy in 2010.

[singlepic id=264 w=525 h=734 float=center]
H/T: @DidiRemez

Update: The original title of this post was ‘COME Read All About It – I’NOT Gonna Tell You Again!’, but now that the gag order is off, I thought I would help those who did not get the word play.

Of Epic Proportions

[singlepic id=262 w=300 h=431 float=right]This is one of those ‘bear with me’ posts, as I try (again) to make a larger point out of a small (and petty) one:
In a previous post I listed the various new technologies that made TV worse, starting with distorted video proportions. Due to different broadcast formats and various TV set proportions, it is quite common to see people on the screen which are ‘thinner’ or ‘fatter’ than usual, as the footage is distorted to fit the medium.
While this is temporary until the 4:3 aspect ratio will eventually disappear, it affects our visual perception in the long run. As people get used to these proportionally-incorrect images, today’s compromise becomes tomorrow’s norm, and ‘incorrect’ is the new standard. If you’re having trouble following my train of thought just think of the cognitive dissonance of airbrushed people featured in magazines versus people in real life.

With that in mind I have to say I was shocked, shocked I tell ya, to find an outrageously distorted image in Israel’s leading newspaper, Yedioth Ahronot, and on the front page of all places. Take a look at the original proportions (left) and my attempt to correct them (right):
[singlepic id=263 w=525 h=407 float=center]

You don’t have to be familiar with comedian Eli Yatzpan or singer Eyal Golan to realize that in real life they look more like my corrected version than the one that was delivered today to my door.