Israeli Avenue Q – Follow-up #1: Rehearsal Sneak Preview

Oh boy, have I got a bag of goodies for all you Avenue Q fans out there. First, check out this photo of the Israeli cast:

Israeli Production of Avenue Q in Hebrew - Rehearsal PR Photo

Front left to right: Michal Muchtar, Lucy the Slut, Tali Oren, Kate Monster, Michal Yannai, Rod, Roy Bar-Natan.
Back left to right: Princeton, Nicky, Idan Alterman, Trekkie Monster, Nicky Goldstein.
Missing from photo: Elinor Aharon.
Peeking in the back: the ubiquitous all-Israeli white Ketter Plastic chair :)

If that photo did not quench your thirst, I know what will: a video clip of the company singing the Avenue Q Theme, but before you press play, I have transcribed the Hebrew lyrics for your listening pleasure, then translated them back to English, and then added the original English lyrics for reference:

Original lyrics Translated back Hebrew lyrics
The sun is shining,
It’s a lovely day,
A perfect morning
For a kid to play,
But you’re got lots
Of bills to pay –
What can you do?You work real hard
And the pay’s real low
And ev’ry hour
Goes oh, so slow
And at the end of the day
There’s no where to go
But home to Avenue Q!
You live on Avenue Q!
You’re friends do too.
You are twenty-two
And you live on Avenue Q!
You live on Avenue Q
You live on Avenue Q
You live on Avenue Q!
Sun is shining
In golden colors
A cat and dog
Play together
You have no
Money for milk
That’s the statusWorks a lot
And earns a little
The time crawls
And crawls slowly
At the end of another crummy day
Me and you
Come back to Avenue Q!
Living in Avenue Q!
It’s not all-that
Just so you know
Living in Avenue Q
Living in Avenue Q
Living in Avenue Q
Living in Avenue Q!
זורחת שמש
בצבעי זהב
חתול וכלב
משחקים יחדיו
לך אין
כסף לחלב
זה המצבעובד הרבה
ומרוויח קצת
הזמן זוחל
וזוחל לאט
בסוף עוד יום מזופת
אני וגם את
חוזרים לאבניו קיו
גרים באבניו קיו
זה לא משהו
רק שתדעו
לגור באבניו קיו
לגור באבניו קיו
לגור באבניו קיו
לגור באבניו קיו!

Also, in a Ynet interview published today, Moshe Kepten, the director of the show dished out some exciting information. Apparently, the musical was translated to Hebrew, but the names and locations were kept, except for one character: the building superintendent in the original production is Gary Coleman, the actor who starred in the eighties television series ‘Different Stokes’ – played by another actor, as the has-been of the Avenue. In a very bold move this part was transformed, and Michal Yannai, who herself was a huge television star for millions of Israeli kids in the nineties, plays herself as the has-been, supposedly telling everyone at home she is participating in a movie filmed in New-York.

The full article in Hebrew can be read here, and is also archived here for posterity.
I have previously posted all the needed ticket ordering information here.