Inside The Obama White House

Just finished watching NBC News’ two hour special Inside The Obama White House. Including the Cairo speech, that makes for 3 hours of Obama-time in less than 24 hours. If you are a sucker for the White House like me, you absolutely have to watch this. Brian Williams‘ report is extensive, insightful and successful in cramming 150 hours of footage from 32 video cameras into one concise piece. To my surprise, Rahm Emanuel is not the only Israeli angle of this broadcast, as the soundtrack includes samples of Oren Lavie‘s hit ‘Her Morning Elegance’.

You can watch the entire broadcast online. Here is a quick taste:

What Do You Get When You Mix a Brown Chicken and a Brown Cow?

Obama’s White House is really moving up the Web2.0 ladder. It started with the first presidential portrait taken with a digital camera, continued with changing the copyrights of released materials to a Creative Commons license, and now they started producing these cool video segments, edited for your short attention span and set to a funky Bow Chicka Bow Wow music. In this video, Van Jones, the White House Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, visits a local work site to get a glimpse at green roofing:
Don’t cha wish your government was cool like this? Don’t cha?

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Update: The White House just blogged about the subject on their own blog.