Top 10 Signs Your Website is Stuck in the 1990s

Page under construction – Every website is a work in progress, there is no need to state the obvious. The only thing these ‘under construction’ pages do well is attract attention to the fact that the webmaster was too lazy to complete the task.
Case in point: the official website whose emergercy lines [sic] page in English kindly asks you to wait for its construction. [Now fixed]
IE only website – the unspoken rule amongst lazy webmasters is that if a website looks nice in Internet Explorer – that should suffice. This leads to websites with shoddy codes that don’t show up well on other browsers.
Case in point: the Airport Authority’s official website would occasionally flat out refuse to serve visitors with ‘incompatible’ browsers.
Recommended screen resolution – a classic relic of the nineties, this is a continuation of the notion that a website looking fine on the webmaster’s screen is enough. Can you imagine someone changing their screen resolution in order to view a website properly?
Case in point: apparently the Ministry of Communications’ website imagines your doing just that!
A bunch of links – back when websites were in the thousands and search engines were being built, we relied on the last website to direct us to the next one, as visiting websites was the end – not the means. But that was then…
Case in point: The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor worries you may be lost, and so they post on a whole buncha links, including a link to their own website!
Clip art overdose – before website design was a profession, style or taste were not a prerequisite and so a renaissance of ‘functional’ (read: hideous) websites ensued. Taking a generic photo and making it into a button was common practice back then.
Case in point: The Ministry of Defense trying to get away with a generic handshake image on their homepage. [Now fixed]
Congratulations, it’s a portal – when the virtual world was shiny and new, people thought if they’re already inventing a new image why not call their site a ‘portal’, a gateway to the internet, as this might fool visitors into thinking it is bigger and more important than it really is.
Case in point: is not a tiny website but a ‘Best Life Portal’, an entrance to a world of knowledge.
Make this your homepage – dot-com era delusions of grandeur: my site is not just important, it is so relevant to your life that I will make it easier for the scores of people flocking to make it their homepage – and add this button.
Case in point: the Ministry of Environmental Protection thinks is where the citizenry start their day.
e-shops with foggy ‘About’ pages – Unlike the real world where customers can easily evaluate the store they entered, there are precautionary steps that online shoppers must take, like noticing an ‘About’ page with the company’s vision but no physical location or phone number.
Case in point: With zero real-world details, puts customers at the company’s mercy. [Now closed]
e-shops without prices – a relic of an era when customers had no power and comparison shopping meant calling stores hoping they don’t have a no-quoting-prices-over-the-phone policy. These businesses may as well put up a banner saying: ‘You will pay more here!’
Case in point: wants you to call them, coz you can’t get the nice-face discount while browsing online.
Companies using free hosting – Multimillion-dollar businesses that refuse to shell out 5 bucks a month for a self-hosted website, settling for a free service, here today, gone tomorrow.
Case in point:, the online presence of Stock Electric, which must have spent all their money on offices and warehouses and trucks, or they would have enough for a permanent online address. [Now closed]

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