Separated Twins: Musician Jonty Bankes And Actor John Simm

I am not sure if everybody knows The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain Official Website of The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain | UkuleleOrchestra.comThe Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain | IMDb.comThe Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain |, but after watching their DVD Anarchy in the Ukulele, I came to the conclusion that everybody should. Their rendition of popular songs on the Hawaiian instrument is so refreshing and often humorous, and as someone who loves remixes it is no wonder I loved their performance.

After playing their 2005 performance at the Barbican oh-so-many times, I have noticed one of the musicians, Jonty Bankes, looks eerily close to English actor John Simm, which I first knew as Detective Inspector Sam Tyler on BBC One’s ‘Life on Mars’:

Separated Twins: Musician Jonty Bankes And Actor John Simm

Jonty Bankes, who plays the ‘bass ukulele’, in a photo taken from the musical ensemble’s 2005 performance at the Barbican.
DI Sam Tyler, AKA John Simm, in a ‘Life on Mars’ publicity shot taken in 2006.


In addition to the facial similarities, note the ‘Life on Mars’ connection as you watch this ‘song about plagiarism’ from their DVD:


Separated Twins: Football Referee Herbert Fandel And Actor Robbie Coltrane

The 2008 UEFA European Football Championship is on. Constantly on. So much so that it sent my TV watching habits into temporary exile, as my disdain from football is utter and well documented. And so, it is my great honor to publish a guest post written by my aptly named friend, Guy, who seem to know a lot about this sport:

While watching the Euro 2008 Group A game between Portugal and Turkey, I knew the German referee Herbert Fandel reminded me of someone but wasn’t quite sure who. It took me almost a day until it hit me – Robbie Coltrane, who played criminal psychologist Eddie Fitzgerald in the BBC show “The Cracker”. Fandel is best known for being the referee in the Euro 2008 qualifying game between Sweden And Denmark, where Denmark was down 3-0 at half time but managed to tie the game 3-3 in the final minutes. In the 89th minute Fandel awarded Sweden with a penalty kick after a fight broke up between two players. At this point a Danish fan broke into the field and attacked Fandel, who left the field without concluding the game. Coltrane has appeared lately as Hagrid in the Harry Potter film series. Seperated Twins: Separated Twins: Football Referee Herbert Fandel And Actor Robbie Coltrane

Left: Robbie Coltrane Right: Herbert Fandel

Separated Twins: Samsung Z240 And Tami4 Water Dispenser

I was ruffling through a mobile phones catalogue I got in the mail, appreciating all the glistening new models and thinking my own device is on his proverbial deathbed, when I recognized a Tami4 water dispenser within dozens of harmless looking cellphones. You see, Tami4 is a popular Israeli brand that can filter your drinking water, chill it and even heat it, but it has only one flaw: it has absolutely zero phone transmitting capabilities. Upon closer examination, I found out the water dispenser I was looking at was actually a Samsung Z240 cell phone, but it sure looks like the two are related, even if one is in better shape than the other:

[singlepic id=71 w=525 h=357 float=center]
Tami4 – a popular Israeli water dispenser.
Samsung Z240 – a popular Korean cellphone.

Separated Twins: Shimon Peres and Cosmo Kramer

Shimon Peres declared today his candidacy for the ceremonial post of Israeli president. I thought this might be as good a time as any to post the following evidence, supporting the conspiracy theory that contends that the following two people are, in fact, one person, and if that is true – will the next president of Israel greet his fellow citizens with ‘Giddy-Up!’?
Seperated Twins: Shimon Peres, 1943 and Cosmo Kramer, 1990's

Shimon Peres, currently the Vice Premier of Israel, in a photo taken in 1943 when he was 20 years old.
Cosmo Kramer, AKA Michael Richards, the weariless character from Seinfeld, in a photo taken in the 1990’s.