Chumbawamba Anxiously Awaits Margaret Thatcher’s Death

Chumbawamba - In Memoriam, Margaret Thatcher - EPGreat Britain’s former prime minister Margaret Thatcher aka The Iron Lady is alive and well. But Chumbawamba    , one of my favorite bands, is always ahead of the curve: they just announced on their MySpace blog the completion of a commemorative EP, already recorded, pressed and ready to be shipped the day Thatcher dies:

Featuring several new songs commemorating the most viciously dismissive and destructive leader we’ve had since long before any of us were born, this CD has the peculiarity of not having a fixed release date. […] Pay your £5 now in the knowledge that, come the morning after the glorious day, you’ll have this exclusive and unavailable-elsewhere CD dropping tombstone-like onto your doormat.

You can pre-order your copy here.