Kosher for Passover Fried Calamari

No, calamari is not kosher, but now that you got your answer you might want to read this rather funny post:

Israel is a home for Jews in all their forms, but while Orthodox Jews adhere to every law of the faith, most Israelis consider themselves ‘Secular Jews’. Seemingly an oxymoron, a secular Jew would observe certain religious laws, while completely ignoring other laws. Most Israelis would get married by a rabbi, circumcise their sons, and when their time comes get buried in a religious ceremony – completing the cycle of life while ignoring pillars of the faith like Shabbat or atonement.

Kosher for Passover Fried Calamari: Fried squid, covered with Matzomeal and seasonings, served on a bed of green leaves with Cajun mayoMost Israelis do not eat Kosher and have no problem enjoying a pork meal or a seafood platter, but on Passover most of them do keep the holiday’s dietary laws and do not eat bread or foods made out of flour. This is the rational behind a Kosher for Passover fried Calamari offered by restaurants like the one I visited today. An Observant Jew wouldn’t be caught dead eating Calamari, as it is made out of squid which is utterly forbidden, but in the DIY-Judaism world in which most Israelis lead their lives they have no problem eating Calamari on Passover, just as long as it is not breaded – as that would be an abomination.

Happy Passover to all my Jewish readers!


Yes, while blogging makes you do a lot of good things like read and learn, from time to time it does take you to the edge and makes you do strange things like stealing a menu from a restaurant.