Management Would Like a Word With You

[singlepic id=319 w=240 h=310 float=right]A sex shop just for women is a great idea, and Sisters, a Tel-Aviv based store, seems to have the right attitude: a fresh, clean, healthy approach to a safe and fulfilling sex life. Women might feel uncomfortable entering an adult video store, but a well-lit, female staffed establishment is bound to be a great success.
That said, stumbling upon their website today I was somewhat surprised to see this novelty item sold in the men’s section. Titled Boobie basketball for the office, its Hebrew description reads: “No more dead hours at work! A new game arrived at Sisters to rescue you from office desolation […] A funny gift for the office, the study or for a bachelor party”.

[singlepic id=320 w=200 h=150 float=left]Sure, novelty items can be hilarious, maybe even this one (not much of a basketball player myself) – it’s just that connecting this item to a workplace environment puzzled me, as I am pretty sure this might be a sexual harassment case waiting to happen. As far as I can tell from the photo of the item, the manufacturer uses no office-related wording on the package, which made me assume this is a case of creative freedom by the Israeli store. I expect better from a female-run business, as I am certain that sexing up the office environment is something corporate would not approve.

Update: As of February 2, 2013 this item is no longer sold on