Joe’s Adventures in the Holy Land – Israeli Media Covers Palmer Plumber

“…I mean… I’d… you know… I’m not a… me per… I’m… I’m not a person who usually runs from things, but you know… when all the missle… ah… you know… you run.”
   – – Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher signing off, January 11, 2009, Israel

Channel 10’s anchorman called him ‘Joe Ha Shravrav’, Channel 2’s anchorwoman called him ‘an hallucinatory journalist’ – Joe The Plumber, a disposable celebrity and PajamasTV’s war correspondent has started his Clogged Pipes tour in Israel by chastising the foreign media and dispensing his pearls of wisdom, including this one:

“I think media should be abolished from… ah… you know… reporting, you know… war’s hell…”
   – – Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher at an I-am-not-the-story-here impromptu press conference, January 11, 2009, Israel

Usually it is average Israelis’ poor English that makes them come across as aggressive, but this guy with his native language advantage and his smart-enough-to-be-a-Republican-vice-presidential-nominee intelect, this guy puts them all to shame. It goes without saying that the Israeli media did not fall in love. Following are last night’s reporting from two of Israel’s three main broadcast channels, since Channel 1’s IBA news did not deem the story newsworthy. The videos have enough spoken English to be worth your while, and both show Wurzelbacher’s first encounter with an air raid siren, 15 seconds before a rocket hits nearby:

Channel 2’s evening news questions his journalistic skills and unclear ethical values:
Channel 10’s evening news calls him a populist journalist:

With all my resentment towards this character, if people need his mediation in order to get the news from here, so be it.

Joe The Plumber To Visit Israel – Haven’t The Jewish People Suffered Enough?

Listen, you don’t want my opinion on foreign policy. I know just enough about foreign policy to probably be dangerous.
  – – Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (aka Joe the Plumber), October 28, 2008

[singlepic id=127 w=320 h=240 float=right]Okay, when New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg visited this week, at first I thought he gave an Israeli kid in a hospital a Blue Elmo doll, notorious for “committing strange and terrible acts disguised as his brother Elmo”. It turns out it was a freakishly fluffy version of Cookie Monster. Nevertheless, I kept my mouth shut about the faux pas of giving a monster to a sick child during war.

But now it went too far: The Associated Press reported today that Joe the Plumber will visit Israel as a war correspondent for Pajamas TV – I am not making this up. This is the same schmo that thinks that “a vote for Obama is a vote for the death of Israel”. Leaving it to psychologists to examine America’s bizarre infatuation with this pseudo average working class person – can’t we just agree sending this guy over is a cruel and unusual punishment for the region?

Take it away, Keith Olbermann: