Salt Showers

[Sunday 16/12/2001 14:40 Pune, India Time – Email #3]
Hello everybody and a late [Happy Chanukah] to you all!

I am still in Pune, India – but not for long.
I have finished two weeks of my three weeks Reiki course.
Tomorrow I will be initiating the new course starting, opening the new students’ Chakras…

My Reiki teacher Niranjan, is really amazing. He has his own understandings on life and he is not afraid to share them, no matter how silly they might sound to Westerners.
For the past week I have been following his advice and showering in sea salt only.
Yes, you read correctly. Apparently, sea slat in the Reiki energy world is
supposed to absorb all negative energy. According to Niranjan, if you shower with salt, you don’t need to use any soap, shampoo or deodorant, because you will not smell. Oh yes, bad smell comes from thinking negative
thoughts and manipulating people.

As soon as the Reiki course ends, that is this following Saturday, I will be on my way to my next destination. Probably Goa, but I am not certain – might be Hampi.

And now to the pictures attached:
After developing nine (9!) rolls of film after only one month of traveling, I noticed something I was not aware of:
I have almost no pictures with me in them. I have loads of awesome pictures of all the beautiful people I have met here, but something like 4 or 5 pictures that actually
include me.

I apologize for that, and will try to force myself to give my camera to other people too. Attached are 3 pictures:

The first is of me and Rabbi Betsalel at the Beth-Chabad house here in Pune. I used to go there almost every evening when the Rabbi was here. Now he left for a two months vacation in Israel and the house is just not the same without him and his little kids.
It is still a great place to eat Israeli food and meet Israelis, though.
What do you know, I even put on the Tefilin a couple of times and went to the Synagogue here in the city.
It’s the damnedest thing: a huge synagogue with only 15-20 Jews coming on Saturday night and some time along the way they got it mixed up – so you find the
women here also wearing a Kippa.
Yes, a Kippa, not a Kisui Rosh or anything. Strange…

Me and some of the Reiki course students doing our morning self-healing
The second picture is of some of the students (and me in the black shirt) of the Reiki course, doing our morning self-healing.
Everyday and every night we need to do this one and a half hour session which involves channeling energies through each and every organ in our body.
The course stars every day at 09:00am (Indian Time…) so some of us gather at 07:30am and do the self-healing together with Reiki music.
What is Reiki music? Reiki music is soothing music with a nice bell ringing every 3 minutes to remind you to change position.
At that particular day I put on my camera on the tripod the guys from my workplace got me as a farewell gift and put a sign that asked the students that came late to press the camera button.
That is why you see all of us at authentic Reiki positions (me for instance, thanking the Reiki energies after finishing all the postures).
The Reiki temple where we learn is such a beautiful place to be in, it is a shame we need to do the self-healing with our eyes shut.

The third picture is of me, Yaron and Ora ([Mom]: notice not everyone traveling in India is a 20 years old drug smoking kid). They are from my course and we are all
having our breakfast. Yaron has been traveling for a long time now and has taught me and Ora to eat food from the stands on the streets.
That specific morning we ate an omelette. It is made with fried onion, tomatoes and
parsley. It is really delicious and served in a roll.
Our favorite morning dish is rice, cooked with peanuts and hot peppers, served with a twist of lemon.
Yes, of course you get the dish wrapped in a newspaper. Like everything else, same-same for food.
Everyday Yaron brought more because more people joined our breakfast, until the guy at the food stand gave Yaron a whole pot.

Anyway, today is my one day off from Reiki so I have some errands to make, including getting my hair cut.

Just a quick hello to people:
And to all the others – please bare with me. I am
having a good time and do not have much time to
compose personal emails.
But I will try to improve my ways.

Lots of love,