Time to Celebrate All the Colors of the Rainbow

Looks like Tel-Aviv Pride 2009 tomorrow will be a full day of activities, including the traditional parade, a beach party, and a mega-wedding event. Here’s Miri with the details (Hebrew):

If you don’t want to sweat in Tel-Aviv tomorrow, there are still a few things you can do in order to be a better ally to your gay friends:
Read about Israel’s gay rights movement or watch a documentary about it.
Log-off and check out The 4th Annual Tel-Aviv International LGBT Film Festival, or log-on and watch a film online.

If you are fortunate enough to be Gay, Jewish and 18-26 years old you can visit Israel for free with Taglit-Birthright Israel’s 10 day tour, either on a rainbow trip – or on a regular trip.

Happy Pride!

nana10.co.il changes its logoUpdate: Nana10, one of Israel’s leading websites, gets extra points for temporarily changing its logo for the occasion, but gets some of the points taken back for an article which juxtaposed gays and pedophiles – even if it was meant to be lighthearted and funny.

Pride 2009 by Jon Gilbert Leavitt

In celebration of the upcoming 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion of June 28, 1969 which led to the birth of gay pride, an incredible song was just released by Jon Gilbert Leavitt. In less than 6 minutes the video summarizes the ups and downs and all the middle of LGBTQ triumph and turmoil.

Here’s the video, make sure you turn on the closed captioning so that you would not miss a word. Also, if you’re an Israeli – don’t blink at the 4:36 minute mark.


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