Israeli Photoshop Disasters – Pnai Plus Magazine

Not sure this qualifies as a Photoshop Disaster but for sure putting an image this careless on the cover of Israel’s prominent TV-Guide-like magazine must amount to something:
[singlepic id=255 w=525 h=678 float=center]

[singlepic id=257 w=200 h=400 float=right]Israeli model Miri Bohadana looks right at her digital camera on last week’s Pnai Plus magazine – but her reflection stubbornly refuses to look back. From a technically perspective, capturing an image from a screen is quite difficult and usually not worth the time and effort, thus adding the reflection afterwards is quite fine. It’s just that the image added needs to look like it was taken from the point of view of the digital camera held by the model – and not the camera held by the photographer. This is why we can see the outer-side of her arm and her misdirected gaze.