I May Not Know Much About Art, But I Know What I Like!

MusraraMix 9 - Program in PDF format [Hebrew/English]The MusraraMix Festival in Jerusalem is in its 9th year and this year’s theme is Avoda Zara (Foreign Work/Idolatry). The festival that starts today is an initiative of the Musrara School of Photography, Media and New Music, and is produced in cooperation with the neighborhood residents. The festival showcases experimental art works in photography, installation, video art and performance – along with a central stage that will feature musical performances from Israel and abroad.

Admission is 10 NIS, an unbeatable price even in the likely case that you will hate half the artworks. Click here to download the Hebrew/English program in PDF format.

Here’s a quick taste from last year’s festival:

A Yearlong Collaboration Comes To A Conclusion

A successful colaboration between the Musrara School of Art and the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance has come to a conclusion. The group I took part in produced one video work, one video installation and one live act:

Psycho Ex-Girlfriend
Video installation work consisting of 2 different monitors, mixing parts of two female faces, with an answering machine message as a soundtrack.


Dancing In The Streets


Sham [There] – Live
Video documenting a live performance made in cooperation with dance students from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, consisting of 2 different videos projected onto three dancers. The videos consists of one Sesame Street muppets sketch (‘Here and there’ – in Hebrew), and the dancers’ own family footage of their childhood.