NBC News: Israeli Army in Haiti “Just As You Would Expect”

Amidst horrible news from Haiti, a brief moment of patriotism: This is MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow interviewing NBC News chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman in Port-au-Prince, Haiti:

You can get updates from the IDF team in Haiti via Twitter, YouTube.
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Inside The Obama White House

Just finished watching NBC News’ two hour special Inside The Obama White House. Including the Cairo speech, that makes for 3 hours of Obama-time in less than 24 hours. If you are a sucker for the White House like me, you absolutely have to watch this. Brian Williams‘ report is extensive, insightful and successful in cramming 150 hours of footage from 32 video cameras into one concise piece. To my surprise, Rahm Emanuel is not the only Israeli angle of this broadcast, as the soundtrack includes samples of Oren Lavie‘s hit ‘Her Morning Elegance’.

You can watch the entire broadcast online. Here is a quick taste:

The Rachel Maddow Show Presents: Illegal Schmillegal

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If the law says that torture is illegal and the president wants people to be tortured anyway, then how should a president proceed? One idea is to get government lawyers to say: “Illegal schmillegal, we say it’s just fine.” – that is the cue-card version of what in the Bush Justice Department. That’s what senior Bush administration lawyers told their boss.
– – The Rachel Maddow Show, February 16, 2009

Fans of Rachel Maddow must have been googling for this since Monday, and now their prayers have been answered: I am pretty certain that the moment you heard Rachel utter the words ‘illegal-schmillegal‘ on her MSNBC show, you thought to yourself: Hey! This would be great as my new email notification sound…

Well, consider this an early gift for the Jewish holiday of Purim from me to you:

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You can download Rachel Maddow saying ‘illegal-schmillegal’ in WAV format or in MP3 format. Right-click and ‘save target as’ to your computer.

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I Know How the Republicans Are Going To Win This Election

Usually when I do not have any comments to add to a link, a photo, or a video, I just post it on my Tumblelog, but the following video is too important to be missed and is just so very articulate that I dare not add one word of commentary. This is MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann’s special comment on Hillary Clinton, in regards to Geraldine Ferraro: