Shameless Plagiarism by Lior Shlein: Tonight on Israel Channel 10

It’s one thing to steal material from other comics, but to take the funny out of a sketch – there is no excuse for that.
Israeli Channel 10’s The Tonight Show with Lior Shlein, which on a regular day is a poor man’s Leno in Hebrew, had the audacity tonight to plagiarize an excellent skit by Moni Moshonov and Gidi Gov. Shlein, the self-confessed biggest fan of Moshonov, Bar-Aba and the entire ‘A Conventional One-time Evening’ (Erev Had-Peami Konventsionali), should have known better than to rip off a 1986 sketch, not give it credit, and hope no one will notice.

The basic plot of the sketch is of a censor man who barges in during the show, forbidding certain harmless words from being said because they indirectly link to not-so-nice words, rendering useless an otherwise hilarious joke.

Here is some of tonight’s show:

…and here is the 1986 version:

…and as soon as I will find my audio cassette recording, I will post the much better 1990 version.

Shhh… Lying…