Alice in Wonderland – An X-Rated Musical Fantasy

With all the buzz about Tim Burton‘s latest film, I thought it might be wise to share a piece of cinematic treasure you have never heard off; It’s a 1976 film titled Bill Osco’s Alice in Wonderland and the reason you are unfamiliar with it is that it is, well, technically porn. Now hold on, hold on, don’t let all the pee-pees and the wee-wees scare you off discovering this gem; This is a very thoughtful musical adaptation of Lewis Carroll‘s 19th century classic, which not only includes many of the original characters, but more importantly pays homage to the main themes like Alice’s coming of age and the delicious absurdity of Wonderland. The film, starring Playboy centerfold Kristine DeBell as Alice, is considered part of the Golden Age of Porn and is one of the highest-grossing adult films ever.

Now I’m no film critic, but Roger Ebert is, and this is what he wrote about it almost 34 years ago:

This isn’t another X-rated potboiler but an adult movie with a certain charm. Even the way it avoids the explicitness of hard-core porn is sort of fun, as the camera suggests that the most amazing things are happening just offscreen.
Kristine De Bell wanders through Wonderland with a blissful ignorance as the inhabitants give her a cram course in 50 ways to keep your lover. She’s just fine: Maybe it’s her perpetual look of total innocence and astonishment in the face of Wonderland’s jolly pastimes that makes her seem so sexy. She looks just like the healthy blond with wide-set eyes and Toni curls that sat across the aisle in high school — or should have.

Here’s a snippet (in pre-restoration quality):

You can get your hands on a restored DVD copy through the usual channels.