My Rapist – The President

Israel’s national poet, Hayyim Nahman Bialik, pondered about the first thief in Tel-Aviv as a symbolic sign of Israel joining the League of Nations. Moshe Katsav, the 8th President of Israel, had sexually harassed and even raped numerous women over the years, according to the Israeli Attorney General. Katsav was scheduled today to plead guilty to lesser charges in a plea bargain, effectively closing this disgraceful chapter in Israel’s history, but in a surprising turn of events he appeared before the court and rejected the plea, asking to be tried.

The plea bargain was criticized by many Israelis that felt they did not get their day in court, contesting that the President of Israel is a symbol of the state and as such these kinds of allegations cannot be swept under the rag. As a critic of the plea bargain myself, I thought I would provide the masses with a tool to express their critique in the form of a stencil, which can be put to use with some aerosol spray paint. I had been waiting for the right moment to post this online, but the right moment never seems to arrive. Today, as we are on the brink of a new low in the pages of history, as we have many months, possibly years, before this matter is resolved, today seems like a good day to publish this post.

Here is a low resolution version of my stencil, with Katsav’s face and the Hebrew pun ‘My Rapist – The President’:

Moshe Katsav - Stencil: My Rapist - The President [low resolution - not for print]


For your downloading pleasure, I have provided a link to a high resolution image ready to print:
Feel free to link directly to the original post on my blog, but do not link directly to the file.

[singlepic id=57 w=320 h=240 float=right]Here is a tutorial on preparing stencils for use, courtesy of the Stencil Revolution.




International Women’s Day In The Knesset: Up Was Down, Black Was White, Good Was Bad, Day Was Night

What kind of a bizarro world do we live in when International Women’s Day is celebrated by the Israeli parliament by giving female Knesset members self-defense lessons?
Female MKs get self-defense lesson to celebrate 2008 International Women's Day
I am all for female empowerment but I have to wonder whether the legislative branch became so toothless that the message it wants to convey to the female citizens can be broken down to:

  • men are coming to harm you
  • the country cannot/would not defend you
  • better learn to scream ‘no!’ and prepare for a fight