Kamm Read All About It – Anat Gonna Tell You Again!

Israel’s daily Yedioth Ahronot had published today an article that discusses what cannot be discussed in Israel. In a brilliant act of respectful defiance, the newspaper translated to Hebrew The Daily Beast‘s article by Judith Miller, but redacted any details that might get the newspaper in trouble. What readers got, in fact, was a piece of art, a visual representation of Israeli democracy in 2010.

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H/T: @DidiRemez

Update: The original title of this post was ‘COME Read All About It – I’NOT Gonna Tell You Again!’, but now that the gag order is off, I thought I would help those who did not get the word play.

Israeli Newspapers Aren’t Dying – They Are Committing Suicide

[singlepic id=195 w=300 h=446 float=right]I watched a few of the first episodes of Israel’s first season of Survivor, but saw enough shots in which the female contestants’ backsides where filling up the entire screen, in order to determine this was no mistake, only another step closer to imitating the raunch culture oversees. When the Israeli media started referring to contestant Marina Kavisher as the “National Rump”, I noted to myself that this just might amount to sexual harrasment as defined by Israeli law – but kept my mouth (and keyboard) silent. As Israeli Survivor’s season 2 comes to a close, Maariv‘s fashion supplement Sig’non decided to commemorate this important event with “The Big Ass Quiz” which urges readers to match each backside with a face.

I don’t have anything particularly smart or funny to say about this. I just think this is another sign my countrymen are growing further apart from me – or vice versa.

Update: You can read this post in Hebrew here.

Frivolous Murders and Frivolous Media

The Israeli media is reporting an incident that happened yesterday, in which a man stabbed another man to death in an argument over a parking space. All the major media outlets mentioned the parking space in their headlines, in an attempt to give the frivolous killing a reason.

This approach is ubiquitous in the Israeli media and is something I just cannot comprehend: When a son killed his own mother – does it even matter that ‘it was because she did not buy him a computer‘? When a man was killed in a robbery – does it even matter that ‘the robber got away with only 100 Shekels‘?

Is there an amount of money that makes the killing justifiable or understandable in the public’s eye? Do carcasses tease each other six feet under, saying thing like ‘Hey, at least I was killed for a couple thousand bucks’?