International Women’s Day In The Knesset: Up Was Down, Black Was White, Good Was Bad, Day Was Night

What kind of a bizarro world do we live in when International Women’s Day is celebrated by the Israeli parliament by giving female Knesset members self-defense lessons?
Female MKs get self-defense lesson to celebrate 2008 International Women's Day
I am all for female empowerment but I have to wonder whether the legislative branch became so toothless that the message it wants to convey to the female citizens can be broken down to:

  • men are coming to harm you
  • the country cannot/would not defend you
  • better learn to scream ‘no!’ and prepare for a fight

One Line Post About Israeli Politics

The Three Musketeers of Contemporary Israeli Politics
When did our leaders change from modest people who rode the bus to work, to millionaires who live in towers?

Diplomacy Needs All the Words It Can Get Its Hands On

Israeli Knesset member Shelly Yacimovich has started using Snooz, the Israeli Twitter-wannabe, as another way to communicate her message to the masses.
While it is probably an aid that actually updates her status, there is something cool about getting RSS updates from a parliament member. Then again, the preposterous idea of communicating a message using one sentence is a sure sign of the times. Let’s see how long she can keep this up (currently 4 updates in 8 days).

MK Shelly Yacimovich on Snooz

How about updating her WordPress blog more often, instead?

I’ve been at the State Department for 30 years and there is no right answer to these questions and diplomacy needs all the words it can get its hands on.

– Asst. Secretary of State Albie Duncan (Hal Holbrook) – The West Wing TV Series