Is That a Silencer in Your Pocket, or Is That Just A Bottle of Rogaine?

Has anyone ever analyzed the correlation between being the director of the Mossad and a receding hairline?

Israeli Mossad Directors - 1949-2009

Sixty years and not one director with a full head of hair? I suspect foul play…

Ode to Female Armpit Hair

I read an interesting poem by Kirsten Anderberg, a Seattle-based activist, titled Ode to My Armpit Hair. To tease you to read the whole poem, here's the first stanza:

I've never owned a disposable razor
I haven't shaved since '78
Prepubescent armpits are not natural on grown women
I see shaved armpits as body hate.

The full poem can be found here.

I always thought women were tricked into all this self-maintenance work, including bra wearing, hair removing and nowadays plastic surgeries. The initial taunting was probably done by men, but after awhile women started shaming one another, progressively demanding more and more work to be done before attempting to show their faces in public. Female author Ariel Levy calls these women female chauvinist pigs.

Hat tip: Simply Jews.