Evil Winds, Full of Anger, Rage and Ravage, Smash and Shatter

With the opening of the second Israeli IKEA store and the first ever H&M store, this has certainly been a successful week for Swedish corporations. The Israelis never seem to disappoint, proving time and time again they are willing to go to any distance for discounts. I guess you can get more crap when you pay less.
Most Israelis do not know IKEA’s founder Ingvar Kamprad was a member of the pro-Nazi Swedish Movement, and those who do know that fact don’t seem to care much. Holocaust-Shmolocaust, at these prices who can afford to hold a grudge.

Apparently I’m not the only one disgusted with retail to the point of evoking the memory of the Third Reich; A fellow Israeli saw the masses of Jews huddled in front of the H&M store, flooding in upon its opening, and decided to juxtapose the video footage with the famous Yiddish song ‘Our Town is Burning‘ (Undzer shtetl brent) by Mordecai Gebirtig. Here is the video, followed by the English version of the first stanza:

Our Town is Burning – Mordecai Gebirtig – English Lyrics

It’s burning, brothers! It’s burning!
Oh, our poor village, brothers, burns!
Evil winds, full of anger,
Rage and ravage, smash and shatter;
Stronger now that wild flames grow —
All around now burns!
And you stand there looking on
With futile, folded arms
And you stand there looking on —
While our village burns!


H/T: room404.net