Which Presidential Candidate Should I Vote For On Super-Tuesday?

Good Morning!

If you happen to be one of the few who will have a chance to determine the future of the world (yes, the world – see Dubya’s legacy for reference), but you just happened to sleep through the debates and you are not really sure where the candidates stand on issues that concern you, here is a solution for you:
GlassBooth.org is a website that will help you decide who to vote for. All you have to do is select which hot button issues concern you, and how much you care about it, and the website will tell you which candidate shares your beliefs, based on past votes and campaign speeches.

What Presidential Candidate Should I Vote For On Super-Tuesday?The issues you can choose from are:
– Medical Marijuana and Drug Policy
– Civil Liberties and Domestic Security
– Crime and Punishment
– Iraq and Foreign Policy
– Trade and Economics
– Environment and Energy
– Gun Control
– Immigration
– Health Care
– Social Security
– Taxes and Budget
– Education
– Gay Rights
– Abortion and Birth Control

Have a productive Super-Tuesday,
Vote early and often!