Today On Fox News: Ehud Barak Upskirt

A couple of hours ago, Ehud Barak, Israeli Minister of Defense and former Prime Minister, was interviewed live on Fox News. As always, Barak looked very respectable – on Fox’s Live Desk camera 1:
[singlepic id=94 w=500 h=370 float=center]
…but camera 2 showed Barak’s sitting position with his legs uncrossed and very, very far from each other:

Ehud Barak on Fox News - 2008-07-30

Now, I am not sure how average Fox viewers perceive this image and whether they assume this is the customary way Sultans sit in the desert – but as an Israeli viewer it made me smile as it is the all-Israeli male sitting position, legs uncrossed, crotch-area enhanced, a posture indicative of a long military service in the Israeli Defense Forces.