Porn Corn

Mama Of - Chicken and Corn Cutlet - Frame from TV ad24 frames per seconds, sometimes more, and every one of those frames is absorbed by our bodies. If you agree with my premise, you might find the following TV ad as lame as I found it to be. It advertises a chicken and corn cutlet from the Israeli ‘Mama Of’ brand. Apparently the proper way to hold two cobs of corn is very close to your chest, pointing outwards, in a vegan twist on Madonna’s infamous cone brassiere.

My very first thoughts after seeing this ad were:
– What the hell is this?
– Would make a great post for my blog
– Nah… probably my oversexed mind
…but today my trusted female source on feminism and gender issues expressed the same disgust with this ad, honing in on the exact same disturbing posture without us discussing it in the past. This assured me I was not imagining: Someone from the ad agency must have thought instilling a nippely bosom in our minds would somehow make us buy their product.

Here’s the complete ad with Gimel Yafit and her corny daughter-in-law:

Update: You can read this post in Hebrew here.

I Hope My Daughter Grows Up to Be Just Like Shakira – A Poem by Shahar Golan



I hope my daughter
Grows up to be
Just like Shakira,
A strong confident woman
That must be caged
Before she can dance
Inside a glittery vagina.