Is This Domino’s Pizza Ad Transphobic or Just Stupid?

Every time a TV spot is criticized for being chauvinistic or homophobic, the ad men have the same canned response: “It’s a joke! Haven’t you got a sense of humor?”. Well, these days it seems trans people are the butt of the joke, from New Zealand tampons to the first aid course the company made me take this week, to this recent Israeli ad for Domino’s Pizza:
In the ad, Israeli singer and comedian Maor Cohen talks about being pampered by his mom in the winter time. The camera zooms out just as a big masculine arm slaps Cohen, and we see a male actor playing the role of the mom whose pampering apparently involves delivering pizzas to her son. Now, you don’t need to hone your Hebrew skills to pick up on the pointy boobs, the crotch grab and the general macho quality of the mom character. Simply put, there doesn’t seem to be any plausible explanation as to why a cisman was cast to play the mom – except for the obvious one: “Whoosh, that’s the joke…” – and a very transphobic one, in my opinion.

How can a first aid course make fun of trans people, you ask? Well, one needs to try very hard, as the EMT that taught the course proved: When he talked about snake bites and how you should never cut the bitten organ to extract the venom, the instructor held up a piece of paper which read “Do not cut” and had a photo of Israeli singer Dana International on it. Get it? Do not cut. Yeah, I know…

Israeli telecom provider 012 Smile know how to create an ad without insulting trans people (or their friends). Read all about it here.

Israeli Domino’s Pizza Enlarges Your Pizza and Much More

The Israeli Domino’s Pizza franchise has released its D-Crust Heroes advertisement campaign, a spin off the ol’ Little Red Riding Hood tale: in the TV commercial we meet some superheros, each of them had one of its organs enlarged: one got a big nose for smelling the garlic on the pizza, another got a big mouth to taste the pizza crust, a third has big eyes to look at the cheese – and wait for it… a fourth hero with big ears that delivers a punch line that will knock you over by saying: ‘Sounds good!’ at the end of the ad.

The campaign includes a take-out menu that was delivered with today’s newspaper, drawn like other superhero comics, only with the extra benefit of pizza ordering information. When I first laid my hands on the menu, I felt a little bit funny. Check out the image and tell me if you feel it too:

Domino's D-Crust Heroes

Now, I know superman wears his underwear on top of his clothes, and on the other hand I know that Barbie’s Ken does not have a penis – okay, I get it: fictional characters have genitalia issues – but this is getting ridiculous:
Giving the D-Crust Heroes protruding male members is going way too far, and while it may be appetizing for a portion of the population, I am not sure Domino’s executives wanted to court that specific audience.