Hands to the Side: My Comments as a Participant in Spencer Tunick’s Naked Sea Photo Shoot

Early Saturday, in Mineral beach in the Dead Sea, a thousand Israelis shed their clothes and participated in a massive naked photo session for US artist and photographer Spencer Tunick. As one of the participants, I thought I’d share a few short comments:

[singlepic id=296 w=300 h=450 float=right]1. This was a life affirming event, in which total strangers gathered in one place in order to achieve a mutual goal of capturing a fleeting moment of truth.

2. This was not a life changing moment, nor was it about embracing your inner nudist, naturist – or vegan, for that matter. This was about admitting that underneath our clothes we are all naked, and while all of the participants will get back to dressing themselves for work the next day, for two hours on a Saturday morning, hundreds of people said ‘Hey, this is me. This is what I look like today‘.

3. This was the opposite of individualism, as each participant was insignificant on their own. This was not about me or about you, as none of us mattered; Your name or social status made no difference; We came as individual people with the aim of becoming one thousandth of a group. You could literally feel the anonymity in the air.

4. This was an Israeli version of a Spencer Tunick photo shoot, and so you just need to accept the fact that the serene floating in the sea would be interrupted by motorized parachutes, or that the EMT team would be less than eager to clean up a bleeding, albeit minor, cut since they ‘already locked the doors of the ambulance’.

One last comment:
Commanding a thousand Israelis to “put your hands to the side” gets you the opposite result, as that phrase means the exact opposite in English as it does in Hebrew (Yada’im latsdadim).

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