i want join mussad agent ship pls reply

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Not too keen about blogging about blogging, but I’ll make an exception and point to three bizarre comments left on my blog:
This guy saw the above image and completely missed my commentary about the resemblance between the two products:

I saw your beautifull water dispenser, that is the great set to purify the drinking water, and sweep an horribel healt problem. Then I like to represent your company here in Brasil, and I have a certainty that will be a great sell show

This guy made a compelling argument, and all it took him was 4,621 words. Since I disemvoweled the comment before publishing it, I’ll save you the trouble: basically, everything is the fault of the Jews!

And last, this guy figured he can join the Mossad by posting a request on my blog:

i want join mussad agent ship pls reply


I highly recommend using WP-SpamFree for your WordPress blog, as it will weed out every single automated spam comment. 14,487 and counting… It only deals with spam comments, though, not with strange comments…

If you want to join the Israeli secret intelligence service, please visit mossad.gov.il