A Lesser Evil: New Hanoch Piven TV Show For Kids

I am very much against letting children watch television, and if my nine months old niece was more eloquent, she would describe a TV set as a box with flickering colors that shuts down as soon as you move your head towards it.
I also like the artist Hanoch Piven very much, and so it is with mixed feelings I announce that his new TV show for kids will air twice daily in Israel starting today (6:55am and 5:45pm) on the Hop channel. In each 5 minutes episode Piven will create colorful portraits from found objects.

Here is the opening sequence as posted by Piven on his blog:


Where Was Doctor Tanya When I Was Growing Up?

If you haven’t already seen Dr. Tanya Byron in action, you should not spare another day without witnessing this human phenomenon. She is a clinical psychologist who appeared on multiple BBC THREE’s television series giving parenting advice to those in dire needs of it. Had she not explained the logic behind her easy to implement tactics, you could have sworn she was a present-day Pied Piper of Hamelin. It will take just thirty minutes of your time to prove that there are no ‘bad kids’ – only ‘bad parenting’.

Doctor Tanya Byron

In Israel, you can currently watch Dr. Tanya on these TV channels:
Little Angels – on BBC Prime – four times a week
Teen Terrors to Teen Angels – on Channel 8 – daily, starting next week
The House of Tiny Tearaways – on Channel 8 – in a future weekend marathon