Where in Israel Can I Celebrate Buy Nothing Day 2008?

Now in its 17th year, Buy Nothing Day is celebrated every November by environmentalists, social activists and concerned citizens in over 65 countries around the world. Over the years, Buy Nothing Day has exploded into a global movement, inspiring the world’s citizens to live more simply and buy a whole lot less. The festival takes many shapes, from relaxed family outings, to free, non-commercial street parties, to politically charged public protests, credit-card cut-ups and pranks and shenanigans of all kinds. Anyone can take part provided they spend a day without spending. “It’s our culture of excess and meaningless consumption – the glorified spending and borrowing of the past decade that’s at the root of the crisis we now find ourselves in.” says the co-founder of Adbusters Media Foundation, Kalle Lasn, “A simpler, pared-down lifestyle – one in which we’re not drowning in debt – may well be the answer to this crisis we’re in. Living within our means will also make us happier and healthier than we’ve been in years.”


Tel-Aviv – 28/11/2008

10:00-15:00 – Meir Garden – 054-8119941 / 050-8361907
[singlepic id=103 w=200 h=80 float=right]Really Really Free Market
a time bank
companionship mats
DIY workshops

12:00-24:00 – Online – Lonely Boy Records’ free music downloads
13:00-15:30 – Hamedina square – 050-2005411 – Fur Free Friday
13:30-16:30 – Rabin square – 057-8165055 – Critical Mass Tel Aviv

14:30-17:30 – Salama st. by Washington st. – 03-6297734
[singlepic id=102 w=100 h=200 float=right]jam session
dumpster diving
15:30-18:30 – 50 Salama street – 03-6297734
Really Really Free Market
cruelty-free free vegan food
anti-consumerism films screening

Jerusalem – 28/11/2008

11:00-14:00 – Sergei’s Courtyard, 13 Heleni Hamalka street – 050-7717378 / 050-8434826
[singlepic id=104 w=200 h=60 float=right]swap market
Food Not Bombs
T-shirts DIY