i want join mussad agent ship pls reply

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Not too keen about blogging about blogging, but I’ll make an exception and point to three bizarre comments left on my blog:
This guy saw the above image and completely missed my commentary about the resemblance between the two products:

I saw your beautifull water dispenser, that is the great set to purify the drinking water, and sweep an horribel healt problem. Then I like to represent your company here in Brasil, and I have a certainty that will be a great sell show

This guy made a compelling argument, and all it took him was 4,621 words. Since I disemvoweled the comment before publishing it, I’ll save you the trouble: basically, everything is the fault of the Jews!

And last, this guy figured he can join the Mossad by posting a request on my blog:

i want join mussad agent ship pls reply


I highly recommend using WP-SpamFree for your WordPress blog, as it will weed out every single automated spam comment. 14,487 and counting… It only deals with spam comments, though, not with strange comments…

If you want to join the Israeli secret intelligence service, please visit mossad.gov.il

In Front of You a Photo of a Rapist and a Murderer

For more than two years now, Israeli blogger Skinless       (Miki Resilevski, 24) has been eloquently describing her chaotic existence as a survivor of incest. Like many other victims of abuse, she chose to protect her abuser, her own father, and not reveal his real name or picture.

Until today.

A couple of hours ago Skinless posted this photo along with this post, translated from Hebrew for your benefit:

In Front of You a Photo of a Rapist and a Murderer

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Rapist, abuser, dictator, sadist, terrorist, murderer

In that place, on that green sofa, at the very spot where this photo was taken, he raped me for the first time. There it all began. There he started abusing me, there he vandalized my flesh and my soul. There he tormented me without end, and still does. The face is of a monster, a pathetic creature that made my life miserable, a worm eating me up and does not stop.

And today – today I say – Enough. No more. Here is his face. A face I kept hidden in a sickening loyalty. I will not be silent any more, will not sew my lips that seek to shout to the skies. I will not hide – for not I am the sinner. For they shall see, and shall fear, for we shall scream our cry, the stifled wailing and the trembling body, the choked up throat and the throbbing pulse. We, the victims of sexual, physical, verbal and mental abuse. The victims of fear, horror and terror. No more.

And if you happen to see his despicable face on the street – spit on it.

I am free. Almost.

Blogging: The Tipping Point

Update: This post discusses TipJoy, which has now shut down its service. More info here.

Most bloggers and small content-providers do not expect to earn money that way. They do it for the fun of it, writing about things close to their heart. But everyone needs to feel the love, and so bloggers take comfort in the rising number of visitors, the search terms that led visitors to the website, and by the comments left.

When that initial love fades, many bloggers post a PayPal donation button or an Amazon Honor System paybox, to allow readers to leave small cash tips as a way of saying thank you for the content provided. The thing is, as most people read multiple blogs daily, it usually takes an extraordinary event to make a reader step out of his comfort zone, login to his PayPal account and actually send a buck.
This is where TipJoy, an exciting new startup comes to the rescue: readers are not required to create an account to leave a tip, so the initial friction is removed. They just click the tip this button | TipJoy.com button and type in their email address, thus starting to build up an account debit – one single account for tips left in multiple websites. Eventually readers can pay that debit off via PayPal, although no one comes after you if you choose to skip out on the bill. Readers can also start to ask for tips on their own site, and anything people leave for them offsets what they have given to others.
That is the magical simplicity of TipJoy: Did you read something that made you laugh? Tip the blogger 10 cents. Someone posted a scoop you enjoyed reading? Click to tip them. At the end of the month, go to your TipJoy account, and pay your entire 3 dollar bill in a single PayPal transaction.

frgdr.com added TipJoy’s ‘tip this’ buttons to its posts. We’ll see how it goes.

Hat tip to TechCrunch.