Swine Flu, Slackers and Simpsons – This Week in Spam

In the last few days I was fortunate enough to feast my eyes on the work of three kinds of spammers:

Spammer Type #1: The Updated Type

This guy truly believes every crisis is an opportunity and the current global pandemic can be harnessed to sell swine flu drugs:
Swine Flu Spam, May, 2009

Spammer Type #2: The Slacker Type

Hello Name Spam, May, 2009This guy has become so nonchalant about his daily sending of millions of unsolicited emails, he doesn’t even bother to proofread anymore, thus greeting millions of recipients with “Hello, {#TO_NAME}“:


Spammer Type #3: The Creative Type

This guy decided to flavor his spam with a long forgotten incident from The Simpsons, where Lisa, not Bart, is writing on the blackboard:
Simpsons  Spam, May, 2009

This is the relevant frame from that Simpsons episode:
The Simpsons s11e09 Spam, May, 2009