Free Bonus: AIG Pigs Poster

As a bonus to my readers, and when I say bonus I mean it in AIG terms: something extra you get whether you deserve it or not, here’s my take on the recent insurance company shenanigans:
[singlepic id=166 w=525 h=222 float=center]

Extra information for graphic designers:
Font: LTC Cloister Small Caps
Colors: white (#ffffff), blue (#002261)
Artistic decisions: At first I thought I would just go with ‘PIG’ to fit AIG’s three letter logo and to make it a smart word play by replacing just one letter. After thinking about it, ‘PIG’ did not convey my notion of corporate greed, and since this is not targeted at any particular person but at capitalism as reflected by the AIG culture, I thought I would break the three letter mold and allowed myself an extra letter to make it plural.