Management Would Like a Word With You

[singlepic id=319 w=240 h=310 float=right]A sex shop just for women is a great idea, and Sisters, a Tel-Aviv based store, seems to have the right attitude: a fresh, clean, healthy approach to a safe and fulfilling sex life. Women might feel uncomfortable entering an adult video store, but a well-lit, female staffed establishment is bound to be a great success.
That said, stumbling upon their website today I was somewhat surprised to see this novelty item sold in the men’s section. Titled Boobie basketball for the office, its Hebrew description reads: “No more dead hours at work! A new game arrived at Sisters to rescue you from office desolation […] A funny gift for the office, the study or for a bachelor party”.

[singlepic id=320 w=200 h=150 float=left]Sure, novelty items can be hilarious, maybe even this one (not much of a basketball player myself) – it’s just that connecting this item to a workplace environment puzzled me, as I am pretty sure this might be a sexual harassment case waiting to happen. As far as I can tell from the photo of the item, the manufacturer uses no office-related wording on the package, which made me assume this is a case of creative freedom by the Israeli store. I expect better from a female-run business, as I am certain that sexing up the office environment is something corporate would not approve.

Update: As of February 2, 2013 this item is no longer sold on

UPS: Oy is Just Yo Spelled Backwards

Update: The error discussed here was fixed 4 days after the post was published.

Lemme ask you this: If a corporate graphic designer posts new homepage graphics, forgetting that Hebrew is spelled from right to left, not left to right, how long would it take before someone notices?
[singlepic id=316 w=525 h=350 float=center]
sthgisni wen naiG << Gain new insights ysae edam secivres UPS << UPS services made easy UPS Solutions tuo kcehC << Check out UPS Solutions Aside: Executives concentrating on a project by Joshua Hodge Photography (, – Selected keywords: Asian Ethnicity, Cheerful, Caucasian, Multi-Ethnic Group, Laptop, Friendship, Cooperation, Team, Teamwork, Pointing, White Collar Worker, Mixed Race Person, Office Worker, Smiling, Unity, Using Laptop.

O Canada! – or – Just Got Base64’ed, Again!

Warning: This post is quite technical and might only be interesting to true geeks.

[singlepic id=313 w=320 h=240 float=right]Yesterday I found out was injected with malicious code which redirected some visitors to, an e-commerce website selling pharmaceutical drugs (read: Cialis). This was a particularly conniving hack as only some posts were affected, making it harder to detect anything was wrong. If you are interested in such details, after the jump is a summary of the incident.
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Israeli Bank Hapoalim Wants Me to Get Married Already

Signing out of my online account at my bank, I was just shown this ad boasting a package of benefits for the bride and groom. Now my bank knows my age, and knows I’m single – so I guess the Jewish urges took over and they just figured it’s about time they asked: “Aren’t you going to get married? I’m not getting any younger”
[singlepic id=312 w=525 h=525 float=center]

Just FYI, the advertised package includes:
– A gift of 360 Israeli Shekels
– A loan for the wedding ceremony
– A wedding timed deposit
– VIP wedding checks depositing
– Waiver on all service charges
– Attractive mortgage terms

Hands to the Side: My Comments as a Participant in Spencer Tunick’s Naked Sea Photo Shoot

Early Saturday, in Mineral beach in the Dead Sea, a thousand Israelis shed their clothes and participated in a massive naked photo session for US artist and photographer Spencer Tunick. As one of the participants, I thought I’d share a few short comments:

[singlepic id=296 w=300 h=450 float=right]1. This was a life affirming event, in which total strangers gathered in one place in order to achieve a mutual goal of capturing a fleeting moment of truth.

2. This was not a life changing moment, nor was it about embracing your inner nudist, naturist – or vegan, for that matter. This was about admitting that underneath our clothes we are all naked, and while all of the participants will get back to dressing themselves for work the next day, for two hours on a Saturday morning, hundreds of people said ‘Hey, this is me. This is what I look like today‘.

3. This was the opposite of individualism, as each participant was insignificant on their own. This was not about me or about you, as none of us mattered; Your name or social status made no difference; We came as individual people with the aim of becoming one thousandth of a group. You could literally feel the anonymity in the air.

4. This was an Israeli version of a Spencer Tunick photo shoot, and so you just need to accept the fact that the serene floating in the sea would be interrupted by motorized parachutes, or that the EMT team would be less than eager to clean up a bleeding, albeit minor, cut since they ‘already locked the doors of the ambulance’.

One last comment:
Commanding a thousand Israelis to “put your hands to the side” gets you the opposite result, as that phrase means the exact opposite in English as it does in Hebrew (Yada’im latsdadim).

[singlepic id=297 w=525 h=265 float=center]

Unintended Art: Self-Portrait With a Commode

[singlepic id=293 w=300 h=400 float=right]
Searching for furniture on Yad2, Israel’s leading classified ads website, I stumbled upon this photo: A young woman can be seen standing in front of the mirror, trying to capture a good angle of this nice three drawer commode – but unbeknownst to her, she actually captured what seems to be an authentic moment in time, a quasi-voyeuristic look of this ordinary looking family.
The younger woman, a tech-savvy daughter maybe, is so focused at the task at hand, she probably doesn’t notice the older woman, her mother probably, sitting in her nightgown on the bed.
Was mom aware of her role in this classified ad? Has she given permission for anyone and everyone to gaze at her in her unmentionables? Removed from the Yad2 website, this photo looks more and more like a self-portrait, or a family portrait, and I would not hesitate to say, a good one at that.

D.I.S.C.O – The Young Professionals


DISCOTYP Band – Lyrics

I, I wrote some letters on a paper in your house
It had a meaning no one else could figure out
I left a note next to your bed for you to find
I wanted you to know, I’ve been around

D is for doing what I want
I is for saying that I can’t
S is for somebody you’re not
C for don’t call me and
O is for oh no


I, I left my finger prints and skin my empty mind
It had a reason no one else can make me cry
You play along and break my bones i think you know
Time and time again, you show

D is for darling you’re so hot
I inside you break my heart
S for sometime when you’re around
C is for curious and
O is for oh my god


Disco I love you but cannot forgive you
I want to believe you but you’ve hurt me before
There’s no explanation for all this attention
I should be strong and not open the door

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Copyright But Were Afraid to Ask

If you’ve got 80 minutes to spare, watch RiP: A Remix Manifesto, a probing investigation into how culture builds upon culture in the information age.

If you’ve got 20 minutes to spare, watch Professor Lawrence Lessig‘s TED Talk, where he shows how current laws strangle creativity.

But if you’ve only 3 minutes to spare, watch Madeon‘s live mashup of 39 songs while asking yourself this: Should each of the sampled artists have the power to demand this video be removed due to copyright infringement?

Consumerism 101

A friend needed to give a lecture on consumerism and asked for some assistance. Following is a list of films, quickly composed off the top of my head. I thought I’d share it (listed in chronological order):










Extra credit: