Prelude To A Bigger War

Oh, Danny boy, in the language of our forefathers: Oy vey!

I cannot exaggerate how vastly the sense of malcontent from this war has spread amongst the citizens of my country. A righteous war, with wide support from the western world, was lead by pollsters and public relations offices; leaders who do what looks good and not what _is_ good; goals that continuously change to fit the actual achievements; and a whole lot of grieving parents not knowing what their sons died for.

It seems we insist on borrowing only the negative ways of our American patrons, and have turned into a nation to whom selling breakfast cereals or a prime minister is just as easy. Had you asked people when the war started what they are fighting for, they would have said they are fighting to bring the captive soldiers home – but when that was not going as planned, a publicity blitz has started in the aim of convincing the entire nation that the goal was all along to declare our independence to the neighboring states, leaving our captives to the mercy of the unmerciful.

At this point in time three IDF soldiers are being held hostages, 113 soldiers were killed in action, the prime minister is suspected of receiving bribe, the president is suspected of rape (r-a-p-e, rape!), the Justice minister has resigned after being indicted for sexual assault, and the Army Chief of Staff has sold
his entire stock portfolio 3 hours after hearing about the two abducted soldiers and the eight fellow
soldiers who died in that incident.

Danny, I cannot begin to put into words my emotional turmoil – at this point I can only say this:
We are worthy of better leaders.

There is already a grassroots movement, which was started by a couple dozen army reservists coming back from the war, which calls for the immediate resignation of the Prime Minister, Defense Minister
and the Army Chief of Staff. The reasoning behind this is far from vindictive – the people who have fought
this war feel PR considerations was the primary reason for so many soldiers being killed and they are simply terrified Israel might lose the next war, lurking just around the corner.
It goes without saying that in this part of the world you only get to lose once.

Friend, I bid you adieu and hope my next email would be much more cheerful,

Israeli Fan of ARC – A Letter To Thom Henderson

Hi Thom!

My name is Shahar and I am a 29 years old Israeli fan of ARC. I have just watched the last episode of the BBS documentary and had to send a quick Shalom from Israel.

As in the states, BBSes were a 'secret cult' for a while, of which my parents, who paid the phone bill, were not big fans of. :) ARC was one of my main tools for cutting down that expensive phone calls, but until twenty minutes ago, I never thought about the people behind it. As with all things that work well, you never pause and ponder about it – and so it took a BBS documentary to make me do the following:

Thank you, Thom!
Toda raba, Thom!


Simone’s 4th Annual Post-Xmas CD

Front cover:
Simone's 4th Annual Post-Xmas CD - Front cover

Simone's 4th Annual Post-Xmas CD - Inlay

Back cover:
Simone's 4th Annual Post-Xmas CD - Back cover

Track list:

Artist Song
shotey hanevua (Fools of the Prophecy) kol galgal (Voice of a Wheel)
haproyekt shel Idan Reihel (Idan Reihel's Project) yesh bi od koach (I Still Have The Strength)
Daniel Salomon rabot hadrachim (Many A Ways)
Metropoline lo omeret klum (Does Not Say A Thing)
Dudi Levi David
Miri Mesika November
Mika Karni migdalor (Light Tower)
Roni motek 2 (Sweety 2)
Shiri Maimon ahava ktana (Tiny Love)
Muki D okef milemala (Passing From Above)
Kashi boi nikach dvarim (Let's Take Things)
Dudi Levi & Yasmin Levi tfila hilonit (Secular Prayer)
Ivri Lider Nissim
Miri Mesika lesham (To There)
Subliminal & HaTsel feat. Sarit Hadad sod (Secret)
haproyekt shel Idan Reihel (Idan Reihel's Project) bo'i (Come)
Depeche Mode vs. Balagan Enjoy The sheket (Silence)
Pini Hadad & Nati Levi yalda ra'a (Bad Girl)

Some thoughts, some links and an idea

Hey guys!

It is the end of the first semester here, but I have some homework for the vacation period…

Lana asked two questions, which I will try to answer (to the best of my ability):
1. Voting: The Palestinians just had this last month municipal elections, and will have their first parliament elections in 9 months. With their new leader, the Israeli army and the Israeli government have been nothing but supportive and went out of their way to let the municipal elections go as smoothly as possible.
2. Plowing Down Homes: This is debated within Israel, but there is a general consensus. When a suicide bomber blows himself up, obviously there is no one left to try, so what Israel used to do (I am pretty certain it does not anymore) is let the terrorists' family know their house will be plowed down in a number of hours. These actions were aimed to be a deterrent for other Palestinians who may plot to do the same, in order to let them know their families might suffer some inconvenience. It is hard to grasp, but some of the suicide bombers have been family men with very small children than were left with just their mom.
2.A. Other cases of home plowing happened when terrorists used civilians' homes to shoot missiles from, and the army plowed down houses while broadening a self-defined security zone.

Other than that, I am currently reading David Horovitz's 'Still Life with Bombers', but I haven't got to the home plowing part :)

Also, there might be some good reading (although, I would not bet on it) at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Enia mentioned a couple of great movies, and I wanted to elaborate on that:
Aside from being Israeli made movies (which may appeal to some of you), I am pretty sure whoever likes foreign films would enjoy the movies Enia mentioned.

'Broken Wings' is an Israeli movie I liked.

The other movies Enia mentioned might be more tricky, as I did not find an NTSC version for them…

I did find a made-for-TV-movie which I really liked named 'Yossi & Jagger'. It is about a romance between two male soldiers within the Israeli army.

Other than that, I can recommend two great books. The first is named "Our Country" by my favorite Israeli photographer named Alex Levac, who has a great eye for catching the visual contradictions that are ubiquitous in my country.
You can have a peek at the pictures here, and find where to purchase it from by clicking here.
(…some of you may already own this book :)

The second book I liked (although I did read it in Hebrew) is named 'The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God' and is written by an Israeli short stories writer named Etgar Keret.


The subject mentions an idea, so I will have to follow:
since renting the mentioned movies is not feasible, how about floating them around?
Someone will need to purchase one of them, see it and send it to someone else from the group – who would do the same.
Just an idea…

Lots of love,

Simone’s 3rd Annual Post-Xmas CD

Front cover:
Simone's 3rd Annual Post-Xmas CD - Front cover

Simone's 3rd Annual Post-Xmas CD - Inlay

Back cover:
Simone's 3rd Annual Post-Xmas CD - Back cover

Track list:

Artist Song Album
Air Alone in Kyoto Lost in Translation Movie Soundtrack
Pixies Where Is My Mind Surfer Rosa
Nine Inch Nails Hurt The Downward Spiral
Meital Trabelsi ho rav hovel (O Captain! My Captain!) rav hovel (Captain)
Sandra Kim J'aime La Vie 1986 Eurovision Song Contest
Shakira Inevitable MTV Unplugged
Noa Paranoia Achinoam Nini & Gil Dor Live
Chumbawamba Mouth Full Of Shit Uneasy Listening
Lenny Kravitz California Baptism
Lenny Kravitz Where Are We Runnin'? Baptism
Beat Steaks Idon' Tcareaslongasyousing Smack Smash
Phoenix (You Can't Blame It On) Anybody Alphabetical
The Roots ft. Cody Chestnutt The Seed 2.0 Phrenology
10cc Dreadlock Holiday Bloody Tourists
Christina Aguilera Hello Mercedes-Benz 'Follow Your Own Star' Commercial
Alicia Keys Fallin' Songs in A Minor
Katie Melua The Closest Thing To Crazy Call Off The Search
Maria Mena You're the Only One White Turns Blue
Sophie Ellis Bextor Murder on the Dancefloor Read My Lips

Simone’s 2nd Annual Post-Xmas CD

Front cover:
Image to be added

Image to be added

Back cover:
Image to be added

Miniature text on front cover: Guaranteed 100% free of hidden messages.

Track list:

Artist Song Album
Infected Mushroom & Berry Sakharof Yomuledet (Birthday) Birthday
Kristin Hersh feat. Michael Stipe Your Ghost Hips and Makers
Strange World I Am
Karel Fialka Hey Matthew Human Animal
Hazel O'Connor Will You Breaking Glass
Travis Baby One More Time Turn [CD Single]
Smash Mouth All Star Shrek Movie Soundtrack
Leonard Cohen Everybody Knows I'm Your Man
Everything But The Girl Time After Time Acoustic
Barcode Brothers SMS BB02
hidden track: Meg Ryan You've Got Mail speech You've Got Mail Movie Soundtrack
Human League Together in Electric Dreams Phil Oakey & Georgio Moroder
Raja Mushtaq The Sculptor Peugeot 206 'The Sculptor' TV Ad
HaDag Nahash (The Snake Fish) Shalom Sallam Peace HaMehona Shel HaGroove (Groove Machine)
Dire Straits Brothers in Arms Brothers in Arms
Korin Allal En Li Erets Aheret (I Have No Other Country) HaOsef (The Collection)

The Impossible Collection – A “Thank-You-For-Christmas” CD for Simone

Front cover:
The Impossible Collection - Front cover

The Impossible Collection - Inlay

Back cover:
The Impossible Collection - Back cover

Miniature text on front cover:
This week, frgdr records have announced their latest CD, named "The Impossible Collection", aiming to create a compilation that will define their musical taste. In our opinion, the very idea of expressing a lifetime of music listening in one album, was pretentious at best. At worst, it is a 20 track CD in which you will find diversity as wide as the ocean itself. From Ivri Lider's song "Bo" in Hebrew, through Murray Head's ancient one time hit "One Night in Bangkok", to a Trance track, supposedly by Israel;s most promising DJ. The album is filled with hints, as apparently it was custom made to some girl in Germany, named Simone. You will be able to find these hints, or should I say innuendos, in songs like Bombay by Dana Berger, Shania Twain's That Don't Impress Me Much, which, by the way, is a much better name for this eclectic mix, in our opinion. Also there's an incriminatingly large selection of love songs, which is as good an evidence as a smoking gun – if you're interested in my "behing the scenes" gossip bit. The compiler's obsession with musical covers, forces us (that is, me, because you don't have to listen to this album, as I was assigned this task by my newspaper editor) – forces us to experience alternative versions to songs by Depeche Mode and REM. The CD also has some Irish links with a Lord Of The Dance track and some cancelled London Musical situated in Belfast '69. To summarize, unless you are this Simone person, and unless you have an uncontrollable urge for some Israeli-Spanish-English-Pop-Musical-Trance music, we would definitely give a 'Thumbs Down' for this CD. Hans Bach – Rolling Stone Magazine, January 2003.

This project was originally given the code name 'Simone's Ditsy XMas' CD, for reason that will not be elaborated here.

Track list:

Artist Song Album
Dana Berger Bombay ad hakatse (To The Limit)
Chess One Night In Bangkok Chess London Musical
Franka Potente Believe Lola Rennt (Run Lola Run) Movie Soundtrack
Tosca Busenfreund Suzuki
Yahel & Eyal Barkan Voyage DJ Tiesto – Magik, Vol. 6: Live in Amsterdam
Scarlet Independent Love Song Naked
Aimee Mann Stupid Thing Whatever
Beautiful South Don't Marry Her Blue Is The Colour
Frente Bizarre Love Tiangle Marvin The Album
Ivri Lider Bo Yossi ve Jagger Movie Soundtrack
Shabak Samech levakesh et ha cash (Ask For The Cash) be'atifa shel mamtak (In A Candy Wrap)
Shania Twain That Don't Impress Me Much Come On Over
Christina Aguilera Ven Conmigo (Solamente Tu) Mi Reflejo
Gregorian Losing My Religion Masters of Chant
Tori Amos Enjoy The Silence Strange Little Girls
Ronan Hardiman (Lord of The Dance) Cry of The Celts Cry of The Celts Compilation
Keanu Reeves Neo's Ending Speech The Matrix Movie Soundtrack
Rage Against The Machine Wake Up Rage Against The Machine
Hani Firstenberg & Sarit Vino-El'ad darkenu (Our Way) haburganim (The Bourgeois) TV Series Soundtrack
Mary (Josie Walker) If This Is What We're Fighting For The Beautiful Game Musical