About Shahar Golan

Who is Shahar Golan?
He is a visual artist and a graduate of the Musrara School of Art in Jerusalem, Israel. A native of Israel, Shahar has been an amateur photographer all his life, but only a couple of years ago has decided to leave a comfortable IT position – and fulfill his lifelong passion of the arts.

Where around Web 2.0 may I find Shahar Golan?
He leaves breadcrumbs on every corner:

How can I email Shahar Golan?
To contact Shahar Golan send an email to [current year] at frgdr.com, for example, if we were in 1967 (and if emails were available during that time), you would use 1967@frgdr.com
Please note that emails with large attachments are automatically rejected, so try to send links instead or at least compress the attached files.

How does Shahar Golan make a living?
In this age of multi-disciplinarity and inter-disciplinarity, Shahar Golan provides VBA consulting to IT firms, Web 2.0 consulting to small companies, original artworks to art lovers, and publishes original poems in Hebrew.

About frgdr

What is frgdr.com?
frgdr.com is Shahar Golan’s official website, showcasing his online art portfolio, show reel and his blog.

What is the meaning of frgdr?
Frgdr is a word Shahar Golan made up a long time ago in an effort to ape fake English accents. Over the years the original meaning has faded, and frgdr became a generic term like whatchamacallit. In a fake dictionary, the term might have the following definition:
frgdr dictionary definition

Is there a connection between frgdr and Germany?
After the unification of West Germany (officially the Federal Republic of Germany) with East Germany (officially the German Democratic Republic), the unified state was sometimes referred to as BRDDR (in German) or FRGDR (in English). Shahar Golan, a third generation Holocaust survivor, was quite amused to find out a word he thought he invented was actually used in the past.

How do you pronounce frgdr?
Contrary to popular belief, frgdr it is not shorthand for Frigidaire and is not pronounced fridge. This is the proper pronunciation:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Why is the name Shahar Golan always juxtaposed with the domain name frgdr.com all over the net?
To make sure people do not get mixed up with other Shahar Golans out there, as Shahar is a popular Israeli first name, and Golan is a popular Israeli last name. If you search the net you might find:

  • a professor of psychology
  • a professor of computer science
  • a basketball player
  • an anti-spam warrior
  • a soldier poet
  • a C++ programmer
  • …and a wine buff

all of them named Shahar Golan and none of them have anything to do with this Shahar Golan.

About this blog

What is this blog for?
From profound life-changing ideas to random thoughts that enter his mind, in May 2007 Shahar Golan finally got over himself and over his net privacy issues and decided to maintain a blog. It seemed like a good way to immortalize the noise between his ears, and thanks to his obsessive archiving over the years, he was able to retroactively post most of his past posts, previously group-emailed to friends over the years.

Why is the blog written in English?
While Shahar Golan is a native Hebrew speaker, writing in English was a conscious decision to make every visitor feel welcome, even though many of the issues discussed are Israeli-oriented. Shahar Golan believes English is the language of the net.

Last night a blogger saved my life with a post – how can I express my appreciation?

  • You can write an email describing how your life was saved
  • You can link your website to frgdr.com to raise its Google PageRank
  • You can send a buck using TipJoy – or use the PayPal donation page for larger amounts.

Where do I know the blog’s tagline from?
Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? was the title of The Cranberries’ debut album released in 1993. Shahar Golan liked the alternative rock band from Ireland, and spent the better part of that year repeating aloud, in a fake Irish accent, the name of the band’s lead singer, Dolores O’Riordan. Upon relinquishing his last shreds of privacy by maintaining a blog, Shahar felt the tagline hit the spot.

What web applications run this blog?
WordPress and loads of other stuff.

Is there a changelog?
Major changes in the blog and website are documented here. There is also an effort to document Shahar Golan’s online presence dating back to 1984.

Can I use the work on this site?
Creative Commons LicenseYes! Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC license. For permissions beyond the scope of this license please contact Shahar Golan by email.

Does anyone get paid for mentioning items on this site?
Disclosure of material connectionNo! Except where otherwise noted, all products mentioned fall under a CMP.ly/0 material connection disclosure: no compensation received for writing and there is no material connection to the brands, topics and/or products that are mentioned. Exception: All links to Amazon.com are CMP.ly/5