About Shahar Golan

Shahar Golan

Shahar Golan is a visual artist and a graduate of the Musrara School of Art in Jerusalem, Israel. A native of Israel, Shahar has been an amateur photographer all his life, but only a couple of years ago has decided to leave a comfortable IT position – and fulfill his lifelong passion of the arts.

About this blog

From profound life-changing ideas to random thoughts that enter his mind, in May 2007 Shahar Golan finally got over himself and over his net privacy issues and decided to maintain a blog. It seemed like a good way to immortalize the noise between his ears, and thanks to his meticulous archiving over the years, he was able to retroactively publish most of his past posts, previously group-emailed to friends over the years.


Praise and condemnation

    “Love your site. Couldn’t wait to find a way to mention it.”
TheDailyWh.at, May 2010
    “A type of genius”  
  Ido Kenan, March 2010
    “A really excellent social commentator”  
  – @lisang, February 2010
    “Like Andy Warhol, but relevant to my generation”
Jono Barel, January 2010
    “Best thing I’d found searching the Internet”  
  Idele Ross, July 2009
    “Always engaging”  
  The Goy’s Guide to Israel, June 2009
    “Great eye for idiosyncrasies”  
  LisaGoldman.net, May 2009
    “Shahar Golan has an edge”  
  Israel At Level Ground, January 2009
    “You are not part of our people.”  
  SivanTall, January 2009
    “An Israeli leftist”  
  The Jewish Daily Forward, July 2008
    “Rebellious, direct and honest”  
  Rona Gershon, August 2007


Media Mentions

Shahar Golan was interviewed by the mainstream media on numerous occasions. A comprehensive list is posted here.