Facebook: The Biggest Bait and Switch in History?

[singlepic id=355 w=300 h=300 float=right]A blog post titled “FACEBOOK: I WANT MY FRIENDS BACK” calls Facebook’s ‘promoted posts’ strategy “the single most misguided thing a major corporation has ever deliberately done, bar none, in the entire history of American capitalism and the world“. Published yesterday, the post has now gone viral, probably due to so many users, bloggers and small companies being fed up with needing to pay for their content to appear on their fans’ pages:

“Facebook has taken a pee in their own pool from quite a lofty height, turning vast armies of ‘influentials’ against the company, people who are now making plans—born of necessity—to bolt from that pool and to stop putting any effort there. Furthermore, Facebook’s greedy grab will have the knock-on effect of causing many blogs to simply throw in the towel, diminishing Facebook’s own business ecosystem and Facebook’s value to its own users to the point where only Axe Deodorant, Taco Bell and Nike will be showing up in your Facebook newsfeed, which after all, is pretty much the sole point of Facebook in the first place!”.

Author Richard Metzger concludes: “They’ve deliberately broken their own product’s biggest selling point” and asks “Whose idea was that?

Read the eye-opening article here.

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