HuffPo’s Half-Asses Photo of Some Jews

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[singlepic id=288 w=321 h=310 float=right]OMG! Look how Jews in Israel have to line up to get a potful of drinking water from a rusty ol’ barrel in this Huffington Post article. That’s horrible… and also not true, as any Jew who takes a glimpse at this photo will tell you: It looks like people making their kitchenware Kosher for Passover. But how is the HuffPo staff supposed to know that? Hmm… Let’s see if the caption of this Agence France-Presse photo is any help:

An Israeli man immerses cooking pots into boiling water to make them kosher for the Jewish festival of Pessah (Passover) in Bnei Brak near Tel Aviv, on April 18, 2011. Religious Jews throughout the world celebrate the eight-day Passover holiday, which begins on April 18, 2011, to commemorate the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt some 3,500 years ago. Due to the haste with which the Jews left Egypt, the bread they had prepared for the journey did not have time to rise. To commemorate their ancestors’ plight, the religious avoid eating leavened food products throughout Passover.. AFP PHOTO / JACK GUEZ (Photo credit should read JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Hmm… Seems like a CliffsNotes version of Passover for Dummies to me…

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