Facebook Hacks: Multilingual Status Updates

Not sure why, but many Israelis have an aversion to the English language; “If it’s in English – I won’t read it” they tell me (in Hebrew). Myself? Although it is not my native language, I use English around the web to allow the entire world to understand what I am saying. And so I had to devise a plan, a hack if you will, to post Facebook status updates in English for the benefit of my multiculti friends, while not bothering my Israeli friends too much.

Luckily, Facebook allows you to put your friends into lists, and allows each friend to belong to more than one list. And so, in addition to my regular lists (‘family’, ‘workplace’ etc), I created a ‘HEBREW‘ list and an ‘ENGLISH’ list and attributed a language to a friend; I even put some of my more gifted friends under both languages.

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After that, posting something in English without my Hebrew-only friends being bothered is as easy as setting the privacy of the status update to ‘ENGLISH’. Sometimes, when I blog in English and post a Hebrew translation on another blog, I publish a status update in English with a link to the English post – and an additional status update, with its custom privacy set to ‘HEBREW; except: ENGLISH‘. Thus, making sure each of my friends only sees one status update, in the language he or she prefers.

On Fans and Fanatics

[singlepic id=276 w=320 h=240 float=right]I was a member of the (now defunct) ‘Support Gili & Dorit’ Facebook group for a while now, and thought it is only fair to convey my criticism for the lack of originality shown in the first dance routine in Dancing With The Stars, and so I posted a link to it on the group’s wall. Apparently my (and Justice Brandeis‘) sunlight-is-the-best-disinfectant attitude was not appreciated, as the link I posted was soon deleted and I was banned (!) for life from ever posting or re-joining the group.

Now, mind you, I am not complaining here. On the contrary! This is almost a badge of honor. But I do want to make a couple of points:
1. Always save screen captures.
2. Aaron Sorkin said it best in The West Wing (jump to the 2:57 marker)

So You Think You Can Just Copy a Dance?

As excited as I was to watch the first same-sex couple dance on Israel’s Dancing With The Stars, I was none too happy to find out openly-gay sportscaster Gili Shem-Tov and openly-straight dancer Dorit Milman basically copied a dance routine off a 2007 performance from the American So You Think You Can Dance. The Internet never forgets:


Israel – Dancing With The Stars – Gili Shem-Tov and Dorit Milman
Season 6, Episode 2 – November 2, 2010


USA – So You Think You Can Dance – Neil Haskell and Sabra Johnson
Season 3, Episode 20 – August 8, 2007

Update: You can read this post in Hebrew here.

Update #2: the plot thickens.