What Killed The Eurovision Song Contest?

Back in 1999 the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest were changed, turning the popular musical contest into the joke that it is today. I expect you all to memorize these two rules that de-facto killed the ESC:
– The abolishment of the requirement of the host broadcaster to provide a live orchestra.
– The abolishment of the requirement that contestants sing in their own national language.

Now take a stroll down memory lane back to Sweden in 1985 where Izhar Cohen took 5th place with “Ole, Ole“. Apart from the brilliant colors and the joie de vivre, note Cohen yelling right before taking the stage, and a shrieking female backup singer.


One thought on “What Killed The Eurovision Song Contest?”

  1. Been ages since I watched the Eurovision. Something has changed, around the end of the 90s and now I know what. Add to that the gazillion tiny countries that joined, making the whole production so long and mundane.

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