Video: Home Taping is Killing Music

Musician Dan Bull, whose letters to Lily Allen and Lord Mandelson both became YouTube hits, has done it again; His latests piece is about the music industry’s consistent refusal to accept or adapt to new technology, from the gramophone to the jukebox to commercial radio to the internet. His song, and accompanying video focuses on the most famous campaign, the ill-judged 80s classic; Home Taping is Killing Music.
Check out the British campaign against the Digital Economy Bill at
Lyrics after the jump.

Home Taping is Killing Music by Dan Bull – Lyrics:

Home taping is killing music
Like how the the gramophone stopped us from grooving
Home taping is killing music
And if we don’t stop now we’re going to lose it

Before the 1990s
So put down that C90
Next time we won’t ask nicely
You’re killing music
Hey you, don’t be naughty
Don’t use that cassette to tape the top forty
People work hard to produce music
But can’t carry on if you continue to abuse it
Make a tape of a Duran Duran track
They’ll fade away, and never come back
Kylie’ll be a one hit one wonder,
Dropped from Top of the Pops, back down under
And if you copy a song done by Madonna,
How’s she ever going to make another number one
I don’t know the solution but I do know this:
Home taping’s killing music

Home taping is killing music
Just like the jukebox stopped us moving units
Home taping is killing music
And if we don’t stop now we’re going to lose it

Our popstars need to get paid
So that they can buy jet planes
And kilograms of cocaine
You’re killing music

Listen, mate: if you’ve ever made a mixtape
Then I’m afraid that you’ve made a mistake
You may claim it’s a blatant pssstake
But it isn’t, it’s a major risk, face it:
If you listen to Rick Astley and don’t pay him
How’s he ever gonna maintain fame
He’ll have to give it up, and you’ll be let down
When Rick rolls out of town
And obviously Morrissey
Needs to be paid to be played
Thank the DJ, thank the DJ
But never make a tape of the tracks he plays

Home taping is killing music
Like when the radio came and detuned it
Home taping is killing music
And if we don’t stop now we’re going to lose it

Home sewing’s killing fashion
Home cooking’s killing fast food
Home sleeping’s killing hotels
And peace time’s killing the arms trade

Home taping killed the radio star
After radio topped off the album charts
Like when gramophones killed the publisher
Once publishing had done it to the orchestra

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