Tonight on Your Telly: Creative Atrophy

I don’t watch much Israeli TV these days, but when I do I am usually insulted by what I perceive as a general lack of effort. One specific trend that seems to catch on, be it within the actual shows or during their commercial breaks, is this notion that the creative people have decided to call it quits and just copy the latest viral video they stumbled upon on YouTube. Zero creativity, zero added value. Copy and paste.
This YouTube-Copy-and-Paste trend is in its infancy and so I am unable to eloquently dissect and analyze it, but suffice to say it feels inauthentic and corrosive in its nature – and yet very typical of this falsehood of a culture we are gradually becoming.
And so if all that I can do is point to it – pointing I shall:

Excerpt from show: Dancing with the Stars

Show promo: Shavua Sof

TV Ad: Shekem Electric

Note to self: Might need to watch these videos again.

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