NBC News: Israeli Army in Haiti Created “The Best Field Medicine Available”

Yet more compliments for the Israelis at Haiti: A report by NBC News chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman in Port-au-Prince, Haiti:
You can get updates from the IDF team in Haiti via Twitter, YouTube.

2 thoughts on “NBC News: Israeli Army in Haiti Created “The Best Field Medicine Available””

  1. What propaganda for their image!! Do they think we forgot Gaza and the bombings they perpetrated there not so long ago? Are some victims more worth saving that others? What cynicism! The world is not fooled.

  2. The Israelis responded to the disaster in Haiti quickly and timely. They were there in 48 hours and had established an on site hospital whereas the Americans were still talking worried about security before they could come in!
    Like it or not they are the best in disaster
    management and i am sure the 120 Haitians they saved are very grateful not counting the 700 or so they treated before the Americans showed up a week

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