CNN: “The Israelis Came From the Other Side of the World”

Another brief moment of patriotism: This is CNN’s senior medical correspondent, Elizabeth Cohen, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti:
You can get updates from the IDF team in Haiti via Twitter, YouTube.

CNN Newsroom – January 18, 2010 – Transcript:

ELIZABETH COHEN: They’re desperately looking for a place to get this young man to have surgery because he needs much more than what they can do here. So we lent Doctor Prust our satellite phone so that he could try to call some people. He’s calling anyone he can think of to get to a more sophisticated hospital.
If you don’t get him to a better hospital tonight, what’s going to happen to him?

DR. PRUST: He will die.

DR. JENNIFER FURIN: Families are obviously going to be upset. They’ve been sitting here with their loved ones who they were excited to see alive, only now to watch them die a slow, painful death from their rotting flesh because the infections are out of country and they need surgery. I’ve been here since Thursday – no one except the Israeli hospital has taken any of our patients.

ELIZABETH COHEN: I am just amazed. I’m just amazed at what’s here. This is… This is like another world compared to the other hospital. Imaging department? I mean, imaging. My God, they have machines here. They have actual operating rooms and it’s just amazing.
What is the machine? It’s a ventilator?

UNIDENTIFIED ISRAELI DOCTOR: Yes, a ventilator, monitor, suction and oxygen.

ELIZABETH COHEN: I mean, they… they don’t have this at the little hospital I came from. So the Israelis set up a field hospital. Have the Americans? Has the American government set up a field hospital?

DR. JENNIFER FURIN: Currently, not yet.

ELIZABETH COHEN: The Israelis came from the other side of the world.

DR. JENNIFER FURIN: It’s a frustrating thing that I really can’t explain.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I said it’s something — it makes you almost embarrassed to be an American.

DR. JENNIFER FURIN: The situation is beyond desperate at this point. The disaster was the quake, but this is the disaster that’s following in its wake. And it’s… These patients were so thankful to have lived through the quake, and now they’re slowly dying in these hospitals. We’re desperate.

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