Five Minutes! Why Won’t You Invest 5 Minutes Learning About Facebook Privacy?

Do you like your job? A colleague of mine sure liked his but he got fired. A chain reaction that started with another colleague’s dubious photos shared on Facebook resulted in his termination. I have written about Facebook accidents waiting to happen in the past, but to no avail. Not a day goes by without a friend or a colleague describing a Facebook mishap that could have been avoided by simply knowing what is being shared. I have no idea how people invest so many hours on Facebook without learning the rules of the game. That is why I was happy to see that had released a video version of their updated privacy guide.

If people refuse to read – will they watch?

Porn Corn

Mama Of - Chicken and Corn Cutlet - Frame from TV ad24 frames per seconds, sometimes more, and every one of those frames is absorbed by our bodies. If you agree with my premise, you might find the following TV ad as lame as I found it to be. It advertises a chicken and corn cutlet from the Israeli ‘Mama Of’ brand. Apparently the proper way to hold two cobs of corn is very close to your chest, pointing outwards, in a vegan twist on Madonna’s infamous cone brassiere.

My very first thoughts after seeing this ad were:
– What the hell is this?
– Would make a great post for my blog
– Nah… probably my oversexed mind
…but today my trusted female source on feminism and gender issues expressed the same disgust with this ad, honing in on the exact same disturbing posture without us discussing it in the past. This assured me I was not imagining: Someone from the ad agency must have thought instilling a nippely bosom in our minds would somehow make us buy their product.

Here’s the complete ad with Gimel Yafit and her corny daughter-in-law:

Update: You can read this post in Hebrew here.

President Peres on YouTube: All Our Rights are Belong to Us

A couple of days ago Israeli President Shimon Peres has launched his very own YouTube channel. While this is a great idea, it allows me the opportunity to demonstrate more evidence that Israel is stuck in the 1990’s:
YouTube Channel Comparison: President Obama's White House versus President Shimon Peres
The President’s press office took the initiative to mark every single video as ‘all right reserved‘. Legally this means you may be allowed to watch the videos, but probably not to show them in a classroom and most definitely not to sample or re-edit them.
The American President also has a YouTube channel, but it is clearly marked ‘public domain‘. This means anyone can use its content in any way they see fit: watch it, show it, embed it, mix it, basically do everything with it without asking for any permission and with no need to credit the original work.

Of course ‘all rights reserved’ and ‘public domain’ are not the only options. The Creative Commons initiative enables anyone to choose just the right license for their work and allow certain uses of it while forbidding certain others. Unfortunately, while the president across the pond clearly shows 21st century mentality when it comes to sharing, most people around here do not – and apparently this goes up to Israel’s number one citizen.

Another major difference between the Israeli President and his American counterpart, is that while Obama knows enough not to wing it and almost always works off a script – Peres apparently ad-libs his messages. This results in his Hanukkah video containing the following phrase: “There are many dangers, like the Iranians”.
While the Iranian regime might be harmful, the Iranians people are clearly not. In fact we were BFFs back in the days.

Update: You can read this post in Hebrew here.