Channel 10 News Presents: Reheating Leftovers From Yesterday’s TV Dinner

Two weeks ago Channel 10 News’ Miki Haimovich conducted an interview with Nobel laureate Ada Yonath. The following day, Channel 10’s morning show re-edited the interview to make it look as though the morning hosts Haim Etgar and Sivan Cohen are conducting the interview themselves. This was recently mentioned in Yediot Ahronot but I thought I would create a video to demonstrate this journalistic atrocity:

Now people may ask “What’s the big deal? Instead of this person doing the interview, you get that person”. Well, I contend that this is a big deal since unlike other professions like advertising, sales or law where honesty is no longer expected – in journalism, credibility is currency. We don’t expect our newsmen to lie to us – not intentionally, not wittingly – and finding out otherwise is disheartening.

Update: You can read in Hebrew about this incident here, here and here.

9 thoughts on “Channel 10 News Presents: Reheating Leftovers From Yesterday’s TV Dinner”

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  2. Thanks for this, and I agree entirely. It’s only one small step away from creating totally unrelated questions to fit the answers. D’you mind if I post this on my blog?

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