I Want to Be Different, Just Like Everyone Else

Last week Israel’s Channel 2 News had a segment about brides and grooms that want their wedding to be different. Apparently, after watching a couple of viral wedding videos they thought to themselves: “Yeah, how about we do something original for a change: Let’s do exactly what those other people did…”. Forget about holy matrimony, these people are here to entertain you on their quote-unquote “most important day” of their lives.

The segment is in Hebrew, but you don’t really need to understand the language in order to understand this copycat phenomenon should be studied by both psychologists and sociologists. You can skip over the first 55 seconds:

One thought on “I Want to Be Different, Just Like Everyone Else”

  1. New standards spread quickly, and certainly people are competitive in how they run their weddings. They want to out-do their peers in the choice of venue, food and yes, the show. It’s actually not so surprising, given that if you make your own show, then the performance is probably the least expensive part to “upgrade”.

    I once read a book (Postman’s “The Disappearance of Childhood”) that said that just within a few years since the invention of print, it was considered common practice to print page numbers. Any book that didn’t was very quickly considered sloppy. Dancing like a YouTube wedding is the new page number.

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