Hagigit at the 2009 Bat Yam Fest

[singlepic id=228 w=240 h=320 float=right]Hagigit, the artists’ collective I co-founded will take part in the 13th annual Bat Yam International Street Theater Festival this coming August. We were honored to have been asked to participate, as this will be our biggest, most expensive project to date, and based on previous years we will probably see our biggest crowd ever.
I will try to reveal as much details as possible before the event, but it is a bit of a struggle as there are many people involved and not everyone shares my notion of transparency. The graphics to the right is our teaser poster that will appear in the festival program, and following is the English text that will accompany it:

Time is fluid, reality debatable
our point of view is not where we think it is
everything we see has changed its shape
in the gap between one moment and the next
exists an opportunity to listen, to smell,
to see and to express.
Hagigit’s interactive installation invites the public, yourself included, to take the whole from its parts, the revealed from the concealed, and yourself away from anyone else.
Location: Sela Beach parking lot, Bat Yam, Israel
Dates: August 25-27, 2009
Duration: continuously between 19:00-23:00
Admission: Free

Courthouse Fashion of the Dudu Topaz Gang – or – What Your Shirt Says About You

Indictments were filed today against more people allegedly involved in the attacks ordered by television entertainer Dudu Topaz against Israeli media executives. The news coverage gave a glimpse into the psyche of the criminal mind, in a ‘What were they thinking?‘ kinda way:

Yair Awami - Channel 2 News - July 2, 2009
Yair Awami, who was charged in connection with the attack on media executive Avi Nir from Keshet TV, chose to wear to court his black Nike T-Shirt with the slogan ‘KISS MY AIRS.‘ I am certain the middle-aged judges appreciated the subtle gesture, and I can only assume his chances of being released from prison and being placed under house arrest diminished drastically after he made his fashion statement.

Muhammad Younis - Ynet News - June 28, 2009
Muhammad Younis, who was charged with conspiracy to commit a crime and assault for attacking actors’ agent Boaz Ben Zion, keeps showing up in court with tight fit shirts. If you are a bodybuilder who has huge chest muscles and Popeye arms, and you are accused of being the thug in a criminal conspiracy to commit crimes – maybe the day you come out of your hiding place and surrender to the police would be a good day to not wear your regular tight fitting shirt, as you enter the police station with your scrawny looking lawyer. Maybe the message ‘I am a big scary man‘ is not the right one to send when you find yourself on the wrong side of the law and you need to prove your innocence.

Dudu Topaz - Channel 2 News - July 2, 2009
Dudu Topaz himself appeared in court in an Abercrombie & Fitch shirt with the text ‘FITCH ATHL 92‘ on it. Pretty standard and innocent looking, right? Or is it? Could it be an anagrammed message for someone to ‘LIFT HATCH’ so that he can escape from prison? – or maybe it has something to do with ‘THAT FILCH’, or maybe he is just lonely and wants to ‘CHAT FILTH’? …and don’t get me started on that ’92’.

To put things in perspective, the only person from that gang who was released today was Moshe Ohana, who was suspected of mediating between Dudu Topaz and the attackers. Check out the shirt he chose to wear today:
Moshe Ohana - Channel 2 News - July 2, 2009

I Was Born on a Seat

Israeli newspaper Haaretz has an interesting article today on high school seniors’ misuse of electronic dictionaries during their English exams. Can you decipher what the students meant, from what they actually wrote?

  • I want you to barber about your experience
  • Drivers don’t curfew in red light
  • The weather was father-in-law
  • I was born on a seat

Read the full article in Ingleesh or in Ibroo.

H/T: Guy Yitzhaki