Big Packages, Small Packages, Stamps and Letters, People in a Line

Israel Post LogoSent some parcels today from the neighborhood post office, and when I tried to track their delivery online I was reminded of how lame is when it comes to this simple task. Basically, when you submit an item number for tracking, you are redirected to a page which gives you its status. Naturally you would want to keep the results page open and refresh it from time to time, but while the status of the item changes – the page never does. For that, you would need to resubmit your 13-digits-long item number every time you want to inquire about its status.

For your benefit, here is the workaround I use. If you have a browser that can be set to auto-refresh a page, like Opera, just copy this URL, then paste it in your browser after editing the item ID. For most people, it might be easier to download this file, unzip it and update the item IDs using Notepad. Then just load the html in your favorite browser and it will auto-refresh every 10 minutes.

And now for some post-office related nostalgia:

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2 thoughts on “Big Packages, Small Packages, Stamps and Letters, People in a Line”

  1. Complaints, complaints… so you have to refresh the page, like duh… I didn’t know that the Israeli Postal Service had a special delivery of “warp speed”, that you needed to track your package every second… But hey, why not complain? It’s a famous Jewish pastime, you’re just another complainer in a long dynasty…

  2. As I tried to explain, refreshing the page only gives you the illusion of an updated status. In fact what you get is the same page over and over, due to the usage of a ‘results page’ instead of running the query again.

    Thanks for your comment. It is our traditions that have kept us who we are for thousands of years.

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