Guess I Am Not Human, Then…

YouTube's Captcha SucksCaptcha, those ‘Are you human?’ tests usually appear when signing up for services, but now they pop up when you least expect them, like searching for a video on YouTube. Something in the way I use YouTube must be triggering the YouTube beast, as it challenges me to a duel so often it has become a nuisance.
Now I am not dyslexic and my English skills are just fine, so when I noticed I was failing YouTube’s Captcha tests in succession, sometimes passing the test only after my sixth or seventh attempt, I started to get suspicious.
Above are 16 YouTube Captcha tests I personally believe failed recently. Some of them are so simple and obvious that you might think there would be no problem ‘solving’ them – but you’d be wrong. And the fact they need to be quote-unquote solved, is just what’s wrong with the system as these reverse Turing tests are supposed to come natural. Facebook, for example, asks you to type in real words – and I never seem to fail their tests.

Apparently Professor Lawrence Lessig has bigger problems with machines going wild. Here is a lecture he gave three days ago titled “Will Technology Change Our World”:

9 thoughts on “Guess I Am Not Human, Then…”

  1. youtube’s captcha sucks, it rarely lets me past it, but I did just get past it a minute ago!, I was then forwarded on to the front page of youtube, instead of being redirected to the channel page that I entered, so I re-entered the channel address, hit go and I was greeted with yet another captcha! wtf!, I gave up.
    I guess the monkeys finally took over the tubes.
    Google killed it in my opinion anyway and their search engine is next to useless when it starts throwing up the same captcha, the internet used to be easy, quick and fun, now it’s mostly slow and annoying, thanks Google ┌∩┐(◕_◕)┌∩┐

  2. Those were easy compared to the ones I got last time….then try the audio and you will here some chinese mutants muttering unintelligible sounds…

  3. I’m having the same trouble with YouTube captchas, too! Since I changed ISP’s, I’ve been “stopped at the gate”, so to speak, when trying to request videos, and the image I’m presented/confronted with is so unreadable, I usually have to refresh the page in order to (hopefully) get a more easily readable word-image. The whole situation stinks to high heaven, but what can we do about it?! It’s all just one of the “signs of the times”. 🙁

  4. For me most spam captchas are full of glare period though YT seems to be the worst. 🙁

    Thanks Google for working for the Anti Christ.

  5. After several expiration runs I have determined that YouTube Spam thing has some kind of emotion detector because whenever I am frustrated *even if I do not know it in a conscience level* I get an usual level of them…………even if I don’t type anything illegal.

    I have noticed depending on my level of frustration such *light* version: The spam captcha is easier to read compared to if I had an extremely bad day and the captcha is the hardest possible they got and I wind up giving up further making me frustrated and I feel angry I can’t post my question on the video.

    When I am not frustrated at all: I can make comments several times without once seeing the spam thing come up. Only when I am frustrated do I attract these spam captcha things.

    I am convinced they have some kind of technology that scans the wavelengths of my emotions and I hope they reveal their new technique soon.

  6. Opps: I meant test runs. I can’t think of that word I am looking for that means testing something to prove my theory.

  7. Youtube Captchas are the bane of mankind. I’ve been a member since March 2006, which is over 5 and a half years. I make what must be 25-50 comments per week, hardly any of them flagged or removed.

    Surely that’s enough to prove to them that I am indeed a human?

    Even so, they need to show me some mercy. Even a simple captcha would suffice for me, a member for over 5 and a half years. One that I don’t have to press my eyeballs on the screen to read. I’m 28, I’m at that age where eyesight begins to slowly deteriorate.

    I can’t think of a valid reason for there to be one? Maybe I’m making too many comments every 10 minutes and they need to break it up a bit to prevent me overloading the site or something like that.


  8. I can’t upload a video because of captcha! has never happened before, I don’t know what it wants, and it’s INFURIATING!

  9. The problem with captcha is that the error is vague. Often the reason has nothing to do with captcha! Usually it errors because
    1. Your post is considered inappropriate. Reword it.
    2. The captcha has changed before you solved it.
    3. Internet issues.

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